Wednesday, 7 January 2015

nosh raw.

can i have a drum roll please for the nosh raw family? with a busy schedule, cold weather, sniffles and late nights, these were my best friends throughout a couple of weeks in december. leading up to christmas, like most people my calendar was jam packed with plans about plans, the plans themselves and the aftermath of said plans. these fruities and smoothies were just the ticket for quick pick me ups and ensuring i got my five seven a day whilst avoiding those pesky boxes of chocolates in the office.

firstly, i loved the colourful packaging, tone of voice and general brand philosophy. as well as no nonsense ingredients lists on the back of the bottles, it also promised the likes of 100% joy, 100% love and 100% happiness. unsurprisingly, gluten free, dairy free and vegan applies too. they also seem to love lower case typography, so i'm instantly sold.

i decided that i would have a detox shot in the morning to replace my coffee (half the little bottle) as it is packed with pick-me-up wheatgerm. i would usually take some berries or sweet fruit into work as a dessert after lunch, and then a banana for a 4 o' clock lull. so instead i took in a fruity and a smoothie every day. sound good so far?

overall my absolute favourite smoothie was the banana, oat, almond and chia. the strongest flavour came from the earthy but slightly sweet banana, with a hint of warmth from the cardamom. a really delicious smoothie especially for the winter months, somehow. 

all together my favourite thing was the thought put into the flavours; as a fruit fiend there wasn't one i didn't like. the best fruity, in my opinion, was the orange and strawberry. as well as 100% excitement, the rest of the ingredients were 80% orange and 20% strawberry. that's it. zesty and tangy with lots of bits, which i like. some might say it would be just as easy to blend it yourself, though not so simple when you don't have an expensive juicer or the time (or to clean it afterwards!)

as i eat a lot of fruit of veg already, these were the perfect addition to my usual meals and really did help me perk up and avoid that tempting box of quality street lurking by my desk. a detox shot before my evening christmas party gave me a real kick and admittedly the spirulina, apple and mint calm & soothe smoothie was very welcome the morning after.

i'll never be the type to go on a diet or juice detox and personally would never replace meals, but if these are a good way to keep me healthy on the go i'm happy. convenient, fresh, fun and can work in different ways for different people. especially when you're supposed to get 7 a day these days, you know.

find out more at nosh 

note: i was sent a selection of nosh products to sample and was not expected to write a review, positive or otherwise.

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