Monday, 16 October 2017

three autumnal yoghurt recipes to try this season.

What are your favourite Autummal breakfasts? Mine really range from warming porridge with almonds, pecans and cinnamon, through to baked eggs when I have a little more time. Desserts too take a different turn - embracing nutty flavours, comforting spices and rich chocolate.

Whilst recently trying out the Hansells yoghurt maker I've been inspired to play with Autumn and Winter flavours. With white chocolate and cranberry, cinnamon and chestnut and salted maple pear and pecan, simply stir though the yoghurt to make for a tasty topper. Plus, the lovely lot at Hansells are offering to give away a yoghurt starter pack (RRP £17.99) to one lucky reader. Scroll on to find out more...

Thursday, 12 October 2017

quick & light recipe inspiration from riverford organic.

Quick and easy recipes for midweek meals? Looking for healthy inspiration, colourful dishes and those extra veggies? Riverford Organic might be for you. Their latest recipe boxes, which can be ordered as one offs, mixed and matched or as a subscription, all feature great quality organic produce. The particular one they send me to try out was the two meal Quick & Light Vegetarian Box at £29.95. Find out how I got on, with a little giveaway,

Monday, 9 October 2017

eggs en cocotte with salmon and leeks.

I do love a good breakfast. Eggs Florentine, avocado on toast and smoked salmon and scrambled eggs are up there on my priorities. It turns out I'm not alone. For British Egg Week (9th-15th October), British Lion Eggs conducted a little study, you see. They found Brits are willing to spend 30% longer preparing breakfast at the weekend than they are during the week. The survey also revealed that the Full English is the nation’s favourite breakfast, with a whopping 42% of people saying they always order it. Also making the top three are classic Eggs Benedict and creamy scrambled eggs with smoked salmon.

A relaxing weekend brunch is a favourite activity of mine and I'm always looking for new breakfast based ideas to add to my morning routine. Lazy baked eggs, one pan huevos rancheros and simple frittatas to name a few. If someone makes it for me, even better. These eggs en cocotte are a French twist on the classic baked eggs, featuring delicious salmon, softened leeks, fresh dill and indulgent double cream. Duvet optional.

Sunday, 8 October 2017

pumpkin spiced baked doughnuts.

HELLO AUTUMN! Anyone else as excited as me? Shame about the lack of Summer and that. But now it's October I'm truly embracing being an Autumn baby and getting involved with ALL of the Autumn leaves, cosy accessories and obviously a million PSLs. (Pumpkin spiced lattes, by the way). Over on my Instagram I couldn't resist a Boomerang throwing up some leaves and sharing my newest scented candle. So are you surprised I've been baking pumpkin spiced everything too? First in line are these heavenly pumpkin spiced baked doughnuts. Think cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg with a topping of maple sweetened pecans and syrup. But I can't promise I'm stopping here...

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

six reasons to visit parma.


Parma. Found in the Emilia-Romagna region, this Italian city is a must-travel for foodies, adventurers and history lovers alike. Before my trip, I lost track of the people asking me what I'd be doing in Palma, Majorca. But no, this is far from it's Spanish soundalike, this lesser known Italian haven is more familiar than first thought. Remember delicious platters of thinly sliced Parma ham, boxes of Barilla pasta or that twist of Parmigiano-Reggiano to finish your dish? Well, this is where it all hails from. And I'm not surprised why they're so proud about it. 

As a guest of the official Prosciutto di Parma consortium, I spent three days exploring this lovely part of Italy. If you're keen to visit too, here are a few things to tick off your travel to-do list...

Monday, 2 October 2017

chilli & lemon crab risotto.

Mixing light, lemony flavours and delicate crab with hearty risotto and a kick of red chilli. Really easy to rustle up from cupboard and freezer essentials, this crab risotto recipe features a few of the range from the Very Lazy lot. With an ethos of fuss free cooking, the likes of chopped red chillies, garlic paste and preserved ginger are just a few of their popular staple ingredients. In this recipe, it's all about the finely chopped red chillies (no sore eyes) and pungent garlic pasta to create this flavoursome (and super simple) seafood risotto dish.