Friday, 11 March 2016

cloudy lemonade caipirinha.

A refreshing, zesty cocktail featuring the new cloudy lemonade from The Cracker Drinks Co. The original caipirinha recipe hails from Brazil, and is made up of cachaça, sugar and lime on ice. If you can get hold of cachaça that's fab - but white rum is a good substitute here too. It's super simple to make and will be the perfect cocktail recipe when Summer comes along!

Shopping list.
(Makes one cocktail) 
♥ 1 tsp brown sugar
♥ Half a lime cut up into four
♥ 50ml cachaça or rum
♥ 50ml cloudy lemonade
♥ Ice

Step one. Muddle together the brown sugar and lime juice.

Step two. Add the rum and continue to stir until the sugar has completely dissolved.

Step three. Pour in the cloudy lemonade and top with ice. Serve immediately!

Have you ever made a twist on a classic cocktail? Or tried a caipirinha?

Post in collaboration with The Cracker Drinks Co.


  1. Caipirinhas are my favourite cocktail, and I love this twist - the thought of that delicious tart lemon with the sweetness of the sugar is so tempting!

  2. Looks so refreshing! Perfect for when the weather warms up!