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summer bbq series at melbourne hall, derbyshire: with special guests gennaro contaldo and matt pritchard.

Looking for something new to do this summer in Derbyshire? Love the beautiful countryside and getting involved with local events? Even better, a keen foodie? Live At Melbourne Hall are pleased to announce an evening for foodie lovers on 24th June 2022. Whether a lover of Italian cuisine or plant-based junk food, there's something for everyone. As the stunning walled garden is set to be taken over by the delicious cooking sights and smells from celebrity chefs Gennaro Contaldo and Matt Pritchard for its inaugural Summer BBQ Series. 

cherry cava granita.

Jerte Picota Cherry Cava

Perfect for this beautifully sunny British Summer we're having; ice cold frozen cherry Cava granita. The ideal mix between a cocktail, cold drink and dessert, this delicious cherry infused recipe is both refreshing and tasty. Oh, and so simple too! Impress your guests by making these Spanish inspired frozen Cava granitas beforehand and finishing with a deliciously juicy Jerte Picota Cherry or two.

The Picota Cherry story begins in the beautiful Spanish valley of Jerte, 200km west of Madrid. The area is famous for the incredible annual cherry blossom of over million trees - it must be a beautiful sight to see as the colour of the valley transforms from a dazzling white to colourful bursts of red and green.! The Picota Cherry blossom and harvest follow a 100% natural growing season, which is why the arrival of the Picota Cherry changes each year. 

Cherry Cava Granita
Jerte Picota Cherry Cava Recipes