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five dishes I’d love to try... if I was a millionaire.


Have you ever dreamed of what you’d buy if you came into big money? Personally, my mind instantly goes to all the crazy expensive food I could try, along with the luxurious service that comes with it. Forget new car or moving house - think of all the incredible food you could afford and not even bother looking at the bill. From flourishes of gold leaf to rare caviar, here are a few of my millionaire must-eats. All I need to do now is buy a lottery ticket…

3 sandwich recipes to inspire your lunch and brunch.


Classic ham, timeless tuna mayonnaise, beans on toast. All excellent and easy choices, but are you looking for something different come lunch time? I was challenged to create three inspiring sandwich recipes using the delicious Hovis Best of Both, found at Morrisons. A tasty mix of specially white and wholemeal flour, the softy and springy bread is a great source of fibre and Vitamin D, whilst lending itself to both sweet and savoury sandwich recipes. From a posh and chunky fish finger sandwich to a layered up pastrami combination, not forgetting Biscoff French toast, here are a few ideas for some lunchtime variation.

easter egg macarons.

Happy (almost) Easter! I have made these Easter egg inspired macarons for my friend's birthday. it falls on Easter Sunday so we have decided to do a homemade Easter afternoon tea (I'm sure there will be Instagram pics to follow...) Any excuse to make macarons really! These are good for gluten free gifts as well as people who aren't fans of chocolate. Have a lovely Bank Holiday everyone!