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a taste of summer with mr. kipling + giveaway.

Brighten up your Great British Summer with tasty treats from Mr. Kipling! Think a pretty pink twist to the beloved Bakewell, a trifle inspired iced slice and French Fancies with the flavours of Wimbledon. To celebrate their ‘Exceedingly Good Summer’ range, I've teamed up with Mr Kipling to feature a few of my faves as well as host an exciting giveaway. If you love Bakewell tarts as much as I do, this one's for you.

how to cook the perfect steak: foodie tips.

How to cook the perfect steak

From rump to ribeye and fillet to flat iron, we all have a favourite cut of steak. And even more so, a favourite way to cook them. I particularly love a good quality rump steak, cooked medium rare and served with a creamy peppercorn sauce. Or if I'm feeling spendy, a fillet steak for a treat. Oh, and it has to be skin on chips.

I've teamed up with Aldi to test out their acclaimed British steaks, as well as ask a few fellow foodies and bloggers their top tips on how to cook the perfect steak. I opted for their Specially Selected British fillet steak, which retails at £5.49. For 170g of premium 30 day aged British beef, this really is a steal. But how did I cook it?

a very simple fragrant king prawn curry.

Aren't super simple recipes just the best? Especially when the results taste like you've been toiling away in the kitchen forever. Yes, I do love to spend hours on my macarons carefully sieving ingredients and piping like a perfectionist. And somehow I don't mind spending hours making homemade pasta, or labouring over sushi rolls. But sometimes, it's just marvellous to have those midweek meals you can whip in moments.

You may have already heard of the Very Lazy range; I've certainly been a long time fan of the chopped red chillies (perfect with pasta or avocado toast). Not being a fan of extreme spice and only cooking for small numbers means fresh chillies can be wasted. Plus, you can avoid those post-chopping-chillies eyes.

And so, the Very Lazy team sent me some of their latest products to try out. Of course, I wanted to make the easiest (and yet still Instagram-able) recipe which showcases their flavoursome range. This very quick and simple fragrant king prawn curry is ready in around fifteen minutes, yep fifteen! 

Because sometimes, it's rather lovely to be lazy.

summer fun with feel good drinks co.

The Great British Summer! Should we plan a BBQ? Do we dare to go on a picnic? Have you stocked up on ice lollies, just in case of a glimpse of sun? It's all part of the fun, right? Right? The other weekend I invited family and friends over with the hope of a promised 18 degrees forecast and sunny spells. Gazebo up, a spot of decoration, a playlist of Indie classics and plenty of drinks from Feel Good Drinks Co. meant it was off to a good start, whatever the weather.

egg fried cauliflower rice: veggie bullet review.

Spiralized vegetables, cauliflower rice, nutrient packed sauces; it's true we've fast become a nation of the hidden veg. With all the gadgets and gizmos on the market these days, there are so many ways to embrace this trend and switch out carbs for wholesome vegetables. What, wait, no more spaghetti? Now you can whizz up zoodles, boodles, swoodles and whatever other oodles you had in mind, it's super simple to pack out dishes where pasta might have been before.

Don't get me wrong, I love pasta. But I also love trying out new ways to get my five-a-day in a flash. Working 9-5 and on the blog doesn't leave me much time to be grinding away on a spiralizer, let alone taking a picture for Instagram of the results. Cue stage right; the Veggie Bullet. The latest addition to the NutriFamily, this NutriBullet's snazzy younger brother is a 3-in-1 electric Spiralizer, Shredder and Slicer that promises to make cutting down carbohydrates all that more convenient.

tapas treats for chutney ivy, leicester.

Award winning Leicester based restaurant Chutney Ivy has never been afraid to try new things. With traditional Bangladeshi style recipes and cooking methods at the heart of the dishes, the modern menu is always featuring seasonal flavours to inspire their guests. Most recently, Chutney Ivy plan to take on the tapas trend for their newest additions. Embracing the idea of small plates to share (yes, share), the restaurant will showcase their best Indian savouries, just that little bit smaller. 

an instagram masterclass for foodies.

People who love to eat are always the best people. If they love to take a photograph and share it on their Instagram, ever better. I love hearing about new foodie discoveries, scrolling through my Instagram feed and imagining what the dishes taste like. If you've got this far, I imagine you do too. As part of the Highcross #FoodFest this Summer, I was invited to host an Instagram workshop for local foodies. With a supper club vibe, we enjoyed dining at Turtle Bay whilst I'd shared my best tips and tricks on photo editing, hashtags, social sharing and building your audience.

the best afternoon tea around the uk: food blogger favourites.


Happy Afternoon Tea Week! Other than gin week or cheeseburger day, this has to be up there on one of the best national foodie weeks in the UK. What better excuse to scoff sandwiches, drool over pastries and eat every miniature cake in sight? Sipping on tea makes it all that more sophisticated too, don't you think? 

To celebrate these prestigious seven days, I've asked a few of my favourite British food bloggers to throw me some afternoon tea recommendations and reviews from around the UK. (And pictures, of course!) So, from traditional afternoon teas to twists on the classic, here are (quite possibly) the best afternoon teas in the UK. Cheers, darling!

chimasu: asian snacks by post + giveaway.

Love looking around Asian supermarkets? Obsess over unusual snacks? Have a sweet tooth for all things South-East Asian? Me too. Colourful packaging, cute logos and quirky flavours have me scanning the aisles of supermarkets for my new favourite thing. When Chimasu got in touch asking if I wanted to review the July box - I couldn't wait to try out some new treats. Even better, they'll be sending out a box to one of my readers too. So, what was in the box?

chocolate bear macarons: going on a bear hunt with ready brek.

"We're going on a bear hunt... We're going to catch a big one... What a beautiful day! We're not scared... "

Who remembers that lovely poem from Michael Rosen? I actually can't believe it's 28 years old this year (almost as old as me...) And what a perfect fit for the rebrand of our well-loved porridge treat, Ready Brek. Now with a cute bear on the front of their infamous red packaging, but still the same yummy flavours and nutrients, the illustration was the perfect inspiration behind my latest bear macaron recipe. These macarons are filled with a delicious milk chocolate filling and decorated with edible paint. Let's go...

farewell feasts at maiyango, leicester.

After many years, Leicestershire renowned Maiyango is closing its doors for an exciting new foodie venture for 2017. To say a foodie farewell, the St Nicholas based restaurant put on a variety of taster menus, as well as wine pairing, cocktail and gin nights. I went along to sample the dishes they're most proud of, the best of the best, if you will. Apart from work parties, I actually hadn't had the chance to dine from their full menu, so this seemed like a fitting way to round off an institution.