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ethan's teppanyaki, sushi and japanese steak house, lincoln.

Ethans Lincoln sushi

Found along the A46, around five miles from Lincoln, Ethan's is a newly opened Japanese steakhouse featuring everything from sushi bites to teppanyaki showcases. In a rather unusual location, ran by the popular Damon's Motel and American style restaurant, Ethan's is proud to serve up authentic (and a few more contemporary) dishes from a host of skilled chefs.

Ethans Lincoln teppanyaki
Ethans Lincoln review

meltin grilled cheese: mouthwatering artisan cheese sandwiches in the midlands.

Melted grilled cheese oozing between a couple of slices of great quality bread. Sounds good, right? It's almost impossible to say no to a cheese toastie. Switch up the flavours, create some delicious combinations that complement a whole host of cheese varieties... and that's what Meltin Grilled Cheese do.

Based in the East Midlands, Meltin are touring the counties in their rice truck, one grilled cheese sandwich at a time. I went along to their recent Derbyshire launch, to same the latest flavour combinations as well as their heavenly mobile raclette grill. For the purposes of reviewing, of course.

healthy gluten free brownies with comvita manuka honey.

Manuka honey brownies

A guilt free brownie? Could it be true? Enriched with Manuka honey, coconut oil and coconut flour, these refined sugar free and gluten free brownies are anything but boring. Fudgey, moist and deliciously chocolately, this brownie recipe is rather nice without being too naughty. Created by and featuring Comvita Manuka Honey, this recipe means you can rustle up a warm batch of gluten free, naturally sweetened brownies in around thirty minutes. Customise as you wish with your favourite toppings (almonds for me!) to create the ultimate brownie recipe. Yum!

Gluten free brownies
Gluten free sugar free brownies

unicorn macarons.

The magical, mystical world of unicorn recipes! If you haven't seen a rainbow coloured, sprinkle stuffed, glittery recipe in the last few months then what have you been doing? For a mythical creature, the unicorn is anything but invisible right now and I just had to get involved with this fun new trend in the form of unicorn macarons. Because when did rainbows and sugar and sprinkles not manage to make someone smile? I made these for one of my bestie's birthday parties - with a lovely lemon buttercream filling, a marbled macaron effect and of course a sprinkle of glitter!