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almond butter quinoa granola with indigo herbs (vegan and dairy free).

A vegan, dairy free and gluten free granola for all. It's certainly not taste free either; Indigo Herbs stock some delicious products that are perfect for shaking up your own homemade granola. Featuring puffed quinoa, cacoa nibs, chia powder and raw almond butter, the vegan and sugar free granola is packed with protein and lots of good stuff to take you through the morning. Fellow fans of nuts will love it too, as the almond and toasted flavour of quinoa really comes through. I enjoy it served up with almond or hazelnut milk but the rest is up to you.

minion macarons.

A fun Minion macaron recipe for my Minion mad nephew. I created these little bite sized blue and yellow treats for his 4th birthday. I'd already got him into macarons a few months earlier (could be due to the Nutella filling...) and now it's really cute that he requests them from me. His wish was my command when I conjured up these Despicable Me delicacies alongside the rest of the spread.

I always swear by Sugarflair when it comes to coloured macarons - they're a little pricy but a tiny pot lasts me ages and can be adjusted to different colour strengths. Simply halve the mix and pipe a mix of yellow and blue. Lemon or blueberry buttercream could work well here but I thought I'd stick to the chocolate...