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big hero 6 bento boxes for sushi loving kids.

this week i summoned up my inner child to sample the sushi delights of the big bento 6 box. with six heroic flavours to chose from, these disney inspired bento boxes are sushi ensembles especially for small people. the artistic offerings coincide with the launch of disney's big hero six, tipped to be the next frozen, which comes out in cinemas today (january 30th).

thai supper club.

this weekend, i excitedly ticked off one of my foodie resolutions, to attend my first supper club. an evening of divine cuisine, fabulous hosting and brilliant company later, i couldn't have picked a better event than carole's thai supper club in her worcestershire home. aside from the serious kitchen envy, the night was a real success and a fantastic mix of foodie types, who enjoyed talking about food as much as devouring it.

cosy club, leicester.

with original features, high industrial ceilings and eclectic prints scattered around the walls, the cosy club serves up a modern menu in contemporary environment. a former knitwear factory dating back to the 1800s, the leicester city centre bar and restaurant has brought a quirky yet accessible approach to passionate pub grub, sharing platters, cocktails and mocktails. 

moules frites en estilo español.

i remember the first time i tried moules frites on a family holiday in my early teens. we'd rented out a lovely little cottage near le havre in the north of france, along with the car and bikes especially for exploring. one day we took a trip to the seaside town of fécamp; with sail boats dancing along the windy pier and row upon row of blackboards. except instead of fish and chips etched in black and white like on the other side of the channel, they were lovingly dishing out moules et frites

in fact originating in belgium and hailed as their national dish, the classic creamy moules marinière is loved by the french and europeans alike. this traditional recipe is a medley of luxurious cream, white wine, shallots, garlic and fresh parsley. since mussels are such a versatile ingredient, i wanted to experiment with a recipe inspired by their spanish cousin. taking the flavours from the timeless paella, the moules are infused by smokey chorizo and the frites have a paprika patatas bravas twist.

spicing it up with seasoned pioneers.

spice up your life with seasoned pioneers blends from around the world. from mexican to moroccan and fenugreek to five spice, the lovely lot over at sp pride themselves on authentic mixes, individual ingredients and gourmet cooking sauces. they even come with a spice rating, from mild and sultry right through to explosive and even volcanic. their words, not mine. here's how i got on with a handful of their herbs and spices...

lasan, birmingham.

mixing seasonal produce, delicate presentation and well selected flavours, lasan offers a fine dining experience of indian cuisine. along with a whole host of culinary accolades, birmingham's lasan is hailed as gordon ramsey's best indian restaurant. whether you're looking for light lunch with well paired wine or an indulgent seven course indian banquet, chef aktar and his team of welcoming staff bring a whole host of dishes inspired by indian street food right through to superior techniques worthy of those coveted stars.

(out of this) galaxy popping candy brownies.

looking for something sweet and a little bit supersonic? indulge in this little bites of the solar system, made with creamy galaxy chocolate, pop rocks popping candy and a shimmer of edible glitter. i wish i could say there was a seasonal reason for these, but i was just feeling a little starry eyed and wanted to experiment with a popping candy brownie recipe. you may be pleased to know they're gluten free too. fancy catching the recipe? let's blast off!

the blues kitchen, shoreditch, london.

The Blues Kitchen burger
The Blues Kitchen Shoreditch

with high industrial ceilings, neon signs, indoor caravan seating and a tiled feature bar etched with the latest specials, the blues kitchen oozes more cool than bleeding gums murphy playing the silver toned jazz sax. unsurpisingly located in the edgy east london district of shoreditch, the late bar and restaurant serves up all american classics and new orleans soul food with a side of blues. 

The Blues Kitchen

courgette, spinach and feta filo tarts.

Courgette, spinach and feta tarts
Spinach, courgette and feta filo tarts

cute little courgette and spinach tarts, topped with feta, encased in filo and baked until extra crunchy. i had them for dinner with a salad and took a couple into work, although they'd make great party food or for kids' lunch boxes too. 

seven, derby.

whenever i visit my grandparents, my granny and i can talk for hours about recipe ideas, meals we've had and what we've made lately with our pasta machines. along with my mum, she's basically my blog's biggest fan and she's even got me bookmarked on her ipad. hi granny! so i thought it was about time that i took her out to lunch somewhere local and treated her to a nice meal. i'd had my eye on seven in derby for a while, so after a little menu research we decided that would be the place for our lunch catch up.

kuru kuru sushi, leicester.

Hidden away at the top of Leicester's Welford Road, i must have driven past kuru kuru sushi a hundred times and not even realised the Japanese treats behind their doors. You wouldn't be at fault missing it either; with just enough space for around five guests to watch sushi chef Shyiam and his dutiful rice maker create colourful sashimi plates, mouthwatering maki and mouthwatering noodle bowls.

happy 4th blog birthday.

happy new year everyone! i hope you had a wonderful christmas and fun filled new year's eve, whether you stayed in with a cuppa or indulged in one too many g&ts. i wrote my first ever blog post about some simple chocolate truffles back on the 4th of january 2011. four years on, i'm still somehow spending my weekends baking, evenings searching for the best natural light and saturday mornings running off the calories.