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courgette, spinach and feta filo tarts.

Courgette, spinach and feta tarts
Spinach, courgette and feta filo tarts

cute little courgette and spinach tarts, topped with feta, encased in filo and baked until extra crunchy. i had them for dinner with a salad and took a couple into work, although they'd make great party food or for kids' lunch boxes too. 

shopping list.
makes eight
♥ one courgette
♥ one white onion, chopped
♥ 100g spinach, roughly torn
♥ 15g pine nuts
♥ 75g feta, crumbled
♥ eight sheets of filo pastry (ready made is fine, i won't tell mary berry)
♥ one egg, beaten
♥ salt and pepper to season
♥ a little olive oil or spray to prevent sticking

step one. slice eight discs from the courgette. set aside the slices and blend or grate the remaining courgette.

step two. on a low heat, cook the chopped onion, blended courgette, spinach and pine nuts in a pan. the mix is ready when the onions and softened, the spinach wilted and pine nuts toasted.

step three. line a cupcake or muffin tray with a little oil. i do this by pouring a tiny drop into one of the moulds and then dipping a pastry brush in to spread further, using minimal oil.

preheat the oven to 180 degrees c.

step four. on a dry surface carefully fold the first filo sheet to make the rectangle a square, then fold in the corners to create a smaller square. it reminded me a bit of a filo fortune teller game.

step five. push your squares one by one into the cupcake tins. spoon an even amount of the courgette and spinach mix into the filo cases.

step six. scatter on the feta and top with a slice of courgette. pour in the egg evenly into the cases and brush the last little bit of egg onto the exposed filo pastry.

step seven. season with a twist of black pepper and brush a tiny bit of oil on the courgette to make it cook faster. bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes, until golden.

what would you put into your filo tart recipe? have you any go-to-vegetarian snacks or lunches?