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thai supper club.

this weekend, i excitedly ticked off one of my foodie resolutions, to attend my first supper club. an evening of divine cuisine, fabulous hosting and brilliant company later, i couldn't have picked a better event than carole's thai supper club in her worcestershire home. aside from the serious kitchen envy, the night was a real success and a fantastic mix of foodie types, who enjoyed talking about food as much as devouring it.

the menu

heavenly beef - neua sawarn 
a rump steak canape made using coriander in its three forms - the root is used in the marinate, the dried seeds are used as a coating and then the fresh leaves are used to garnish. 

 chiang mai sausage - si uah 
 a spicy sausage showcasing all the tastes of thailand in one bite including lemongrass, lime leaves and galangal. 

prawn pandanus 
 a little extra that was not on the original menu - hand chopped delicately flavoured prawn and pork wrapped in pandanus leaf parcels and steamed. served with a hot and sweet chilli dip. 

 chicken satay and peanut sauce 
this perennial dish needs no explanation. 

 lamb massaman 
a rich classic curry with persian influence made with my tutor gobgaew’s handmade paste recipe and freshly made coconut milk. 

gaeng hang lay 
 this ancient curry is sharp and sour and is laden with the fresh zingy taste of shredded ginger but at the same time is slightly soured by the use of pickled garlic and tamarind. 

pak choi 
this classic green veg was simply fried with chilli, garlic and preserved yellow bean and finished with a touch of fish sauce. 

 northern larb 
this classic dish, served at room temperature with lots of supporting raw veg is made using a handmade dry curry paste with lots of dried spices some of which can only be sourced in thailand. 

 muu parlow soup 
a supporting soup made with pork belly and egg with a deep flavour and a hint of star anise. 

steamed thai jasmine rice 

sticky rice and mango  
made with fresh coconut milk.

as if the menu wasn't beautiful enough, we were greeted with a well dressed table graced with south east asian tableware in a sumptuous colour palette. i particularly loved the use of old thai tin cans as miniature vases, which added colour and character to the presentation.

having enjoyed canapés of coriander infused beef and slices of zingy chiang mai sausage over a cheeky glass of fizz and introductions, we made our way into the dining room to await our banquet. with a kitchen designer, sour dough bread baker, street food organiser, wine pairing expert and cookery school owner around the table, we were certainly in excellent foodie company.

first to come out were some off-the-cuff prawn and pork parcels, which had been steamed in pandanus leaf. the tempting bites of succulent meat were set off by the tangy chilli dip. i totally could have eaten that whole platter, but eagerly saved myself for the subsequent courses.

carole went through the variety of thai condiments and how they would bring out totally different sweet, sour, spicy, umami and bitter flavours to our tastebuds. we were encouraged to try out every dish as and when it was served, and play with the flavours alongside steamed rice, thai salad and a traditional muu parlow soup. i personally couldn't get enough of the deep flavours of the soup and poured a little over my rice to season.

i'd mentioned that i don't eat chicken these days, just in case the format of the meal was starter and main with chicken as the star. with the amount of food i didn't have anything to worry about, although the lovely carole had happily prepared pork satay for myself. the little things, eh?

colourful dish upon dish was happily passed up and down the table, with exchanges of opinion on flavours and favourites. topping up each other's glasses, calling for extra rice and sharing wine tips, you'd have thought that we'd known each other for years. i realise this is the point of a supper club, and i loved it. it wasn't long before talk turned to the usual suspects of masterchef, come dine with me and bake off, along with tales of foodie travels and recommended restaurants. 

my favourite dishes were hands down the tender lamb curry, pork satay and muu parlow soup. the lamb quite literally fell apart in the creamy coconut sauce, whilst the satay was indulgently peanuty without being sickly as it sometimes is.

we finished with a mango sticky rice pudding and freshly brewed coffee. although i might have accidentally thought the coffee milk was extra coconut milk to pour over the dessert... you can't take me anywhere. 

carole and family joined the table and enjoyed a couple of well earned glasses of wine for their fabulous hosting (and dish washing!) efforts. the foodie chat continued and i tried to remember as much as possible about her thai cooking secrets, including the origins of authentic coriander root, pictured above. 

although i've forgotten all the tips and tricks now, so i'll just have to go back and let her cook for me again.

this particular supper club cost £32 a head, although there are many other events and private dining opportunities to look out for. find out more at no ping no bling

note: we all paid for the experience, and all opinions are honest and my own.


  1. I love the supper club idea - it's my mission now to find one in Leicester!

  2. Definitely. Maybe we should just make one? If not then definitely make it to one of Carole's xx

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