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big hero 6 bento boxes for sushi loving kids.

this week i summoned up my inner child to sample the sushi delights of the big bento 6 box. with six heroic flavours to chose from, these disney inspired bento boxes are sushi ensembles especially for small people. the artistic offerings coincide with the launch of disney's big hero six, tipped to be the next frozen, which comes out in cinemas today (january 30th).

choose from chicken katsu, prawn katsu, vegetable gyoza, salmon and avocado, chicken yakitori and pumpkin korroke, along which a vita coco drink and a super cool big hero 6 wristband. each box comes with a baymax inspired rice ball, avocado maxi, salad and fruit. healthy stuff. here's a little more about each flavour...

chicken katsu - a delicious portion of one of our most popular dishes sees gorgeous pieces of chicken coated in bread crumbs to create the ultimate in ‘yum (405 calories) 

prawn katsu - like it’s chicken counterpart, our prawn katsu sees tender prawns coated in bread crumbs (341 calories) 

vegetable gyoza - light and delicious vegetable dumplings (351 calories) 

pumpkin korroke - a tasty way to get the kids to eat vegetables, this bento box is served up with mouth-watering breaded pumpkin croquettes (366 calories) 

salmon & avocado - fresh and tasty pieces of salmon sashimi perfectly paired with ripened avocado (335 calories) 

chicken yakitori - beautifully cooked pieces of chicken thigh on skewers coated in a fantastically sticky soy sauce (476 calories)

as you can see i opted for the salmon and avocado box, since it's one of my favourite combinations. the salmon was beautifully melt-in-the-mouth as always, the rice well seasoned and the avocado maki a lovely addition. it pleased me to see lots of salad too, although i think that it could have been a more japanese inspired mix with edamame beans, carrot, ginger and sesame. i don't think this would have been too "out there" as the kid would already be in a sushi restaurant afterall.

the £7 bento box filled me up without feeling stuffy and unhealthy on my leicester shopping trip. lots of fresh flavours, just enough carbs (cute carbs at that) and delightful seafood. this is a great way to introduce kids to sushi and i'd love to see more bento boxes from them in the future.

i still couldn't leave without my usual salmon hand roll...

do you know a littl'un who is crazy about sushi? have you tried out bento boxes before?

find out more at yo sushi or on the hashtag #yobigbentosix 

note: my bento box was complimentary for purposes of review. all opinions are honest and my own.

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