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beetroot bruschetta with smoked salmon and dill crème fraîche.

Calling all beetroot lovers... or those yet to be converted! Love Beetroot have launched their latest Don’t Skip a Beet campaign to give a little love to their lessen used purple superfood. Vibrant, flavoursome and healthy, I've always loved beetroot for bringing extra elements to seafood dishes or a bit of colour to vegetarian meals.

The campaign, in collaboration with Chef Dan Doherty, is embracing this anti-oxidant rich vegetable within new cooking methods and flavour combos that are anything but tricky to put together. To celebrate this lovely veg, I've created a twist on the classic bruschetta to switch out the red and green for rich, magenta coloured beetroot, smoked salmon and lush, green dill. Bon appe-beet!

bilberry & beetroot macarons.

Purple macarons

Introducing a vibrant mix of purple macarons with a vivid magenta buttercream centre, coloured entirely with natural ingredients. These deliciously easy to make macarons are infused with bilberry powder to create a lush purple meringue shell, with a whipped vanilla and beetroot buttercream. After creating some tasty gluten free coconut pancakes earlier this year, I've teamed up again with Indigo Herbs to test out their Slow Dried Bilberry Powder and Beetroot Powder to add some purple pizazz to these sweet treats... and naturally too.

Purple macaron recipe
Pink purple macarons recipe

strawberries & cream hot chocolate.

Make your mum's day this Mother's Day with an indulgent hot chocolate recipe. Taking on the flavours of strawberries and cream, this decadent recipe is certainly a way to sweet talk her after a year of making your favourite dinner, giving you lifts to places and bailing you out of that phone bill where you went over your data limit. (Thanks Instagram). Seriously though, she's going to love this first thing on Sunday morning, alongside breakfast in bed. You have a few days to taste test it a few times for yourself too...

eat your greens with goodlife.

"Nobody puts veg in the corner..."

That's the philosophy behind Goodlife and their veg-tastic products. Keen to make your greens the star of the show, the British company have been developing their tasty vegetarian products for the last 25 years. From veggie veterans to flexitarian foodies, the product range spans from vegatable packed sausages to meat-free burgers, with a few gluten free and vegan options in there too.

A lover of vegetarian recipes, I teamed up with the lovely Goodlife lot to sample their newest creations; Mushroom & Spinach Kievs, Chickpea, Cumin & Coriander Falafel and French Bean, Spinach & Wensleydale Cheese Sausages.