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#goodmornings with belvita breakfast.

Hands up if you didn't want to get out of bed this morning? Yep, me too. We may have gained an hour, but all I want to do right now is cuddle up in blankets and light every Autumnal smelling candle in my house. I love Autumn, I've made that pretty clear. I love the colours, wrapping up in gigantic coats, buying a new pair of boots, pumpkin spices, all the wholesome slow cooking and... my birthday is just a few days after the clocks go back. (So you still have time to get me a present). But there's no doubt that the evenings drawing in and mornings getting darker make it hard to get out of bed and not turn to hibernation.

When belVita Breakfast got in touch asking if I'd like a few things to make the clocks going back that little bit easier, I couldn't say no. They sent me a little parcel of their latest Honey and Nut Biscuits and a handy alarm clock, ready to kick start my Autumn mornings.

super brunch: with the m&s chef range.

Brunch is totally the in thing these days. Forget cereal for breakfast or the same old sandwich fillings, between 10-11 is the prime time for the likes of beautifully seasoned avocados, hot buttered sourdough bread, lashings of smoked salmon, wilted spinach and eggs. All the eggs. When M&S Food got in touch to see if I'd fancy hosting a super brunch I just had to rustle something up. Showcasing their latest M&S Chef Range of pans, utensils and serveware, I created two recipes just waiting for a lazy Saturday morning. 

The first was a jumble of pan fried chorizo, plum tomatoes and avocado, simply served in a stack with fragrant fresh thyme. The second was a salmon and spinach frittata in their mini copper pan. The frittata is finished with a dollop of cream cheese, lots of black pepper and fresh basil. Avocado and chorizo vs. salmon and eggs. Which would you choose?

hamburger gourmet: a recipe book review.

Hamburger Gourmet is a droolworthy recipe book which features a whole host of, you guessed it, burgers. There are 58 recipes to be exact, from David Japy, Elodie Rambaud, Victor Garnier, the brains behind Blend hamburger restaurant in Paris. I was bought this awesome book by my boyfriend, and so we decided to have a Sunday afternoon dedicated to trying a few of the recipes out. From classic cheeseburgers right through to beef with aubergine and goat's cheese and spicy chicken with beetroot, there is so much to get your tastebuds tingling. 

halloween witch cupcakes.

How awesome are these Halloween witch cupcakes? Created by my lovely friend Beni, she's not only a babe but an incredible baker. Head to her Instagram for some brilliant baking inspiration, healthy recipes and of course the odd selfie. (I tried her banana bread and I can confirm it was delicious!) When I saw these cupcakes on her feed I knew I had to ask her to kindly write up a guest recipe for me. So, over to Beni for her spoOoOoOoOoky recipe...

I have a recipe for a witchy doo, 

Where they dine on yummy treats just like you, 

First, you add 3 puppy dogs tails and a bucket of slimy snails ...wait. I'm only joking... this is actually a spookily sweet cupcake recipe perfect for any Halloween party! 

marco pierre white steakhouse bar & grill, hinckley island.

One of the newest additions to the Marco Pierre White restaurant group; the Steakhouse Bar & Grill at Hinckley Island in Leicestershire. Marking its first anniversary, the popular restaurant has launched a new menu to celebrate. From their famous steaks to British inspired starters, the menu mixes the contemporary with timeless classics. Think posh Welsh Rarebit, an elevation of the trusty prawn cocktail and macaroni cheese updated with lobster. The desserts menu is similar too; with their twist on the classic desserts of knickerbockery glory, sticky toffee pud and Eton mess.

jelly bean chocolate shortbread with vimto mini jelly beans.

A teatime treat which features a twist on the traditional. This buttery shortbread is topped with lashings of dark chocolate and a swirl of white before being scattered with tasty Vimto jelly beans. To celebrate the launch of their vibrant little jelly beans, which contain real fruit juice and natural colours, the well known British brand have set a baking challenge! They aren't quite millionaire's shortbread slices, but I feel the absence of a caramel centre is made up for in the chewy, fruity morsels jewelled on top. A yummy pairing against bitter dark chocolate if I say so myself.

loaded mexican hasselback potatoes: purple majesty from albert bartlett.

Mexican hasselback potatoes

Introducing the most interesting potatoes I've ever had the pleasure of cooking with. These lovely looking things are Purple Majesty potatoes from Albert Bartlett. Bursting with nutrients and antioxidants, the naturally purple potatoes are great to bake, mash, boil, roast... or do whatever you like really. I decided to make them in a hasselback potato, which involves slicing finely, drizzling with olive oil and baking. Then topping with delicious Mexican inspired toppings of course!

Mexican potatoes
Mexican potato recipe

pesto salmon en croute: recipe video.

It's no secret that most of my go-to recipes involve salmon. Such a delicate ingredient that goes well with a variety of cuisines - from salmon tandoori and teriyaki noodles to featuring in pasta and risottos. It's always a winner with me! So, when Norwegian Salmon Council got in touch I couldn't wait to get creative with one of my favourite fish. Their Norwegian Salmon is available at Tesco and other leading supermarkets, and is definitely a popular choice amongst seafood fans. Established in 1876, the generations of Norwegian Salmon fishermen have always had the philosophy of being in harmony with nature. From the Arctic waters, to your table.

For this recipe, I've put together a step-by-step video too. So you can see exactly how I made the pesto salmon en croute from the addition of pesto right through to the plaited effect top. Scroll down for the video... Happy viewing!

las iguanas autumn menu, leicester.

Las Iguanas are a Latin American inspired restaurant that pride themselves of fresh, colourful and seasonal dishes. Their interiors are always vibrant and the menu and cocktail offerings fall in line with this too. I'm always impressed with their vegan and gluten free options, which are probably one of the best offerings I've ever seen from a chain restaurant. And since their menu is ever changing, I've been back to the Leicester branch a few times to try out their new dishes!

pan fried salmon with asparagus, green lentils and quinoa.

There's nothing quite like a nice fillet of pan fried fish to accompany vibrant vegetables and pulses. Salmon is one of my favourite, and either baked or pan fried with vegetables, grains or noodles is one of my go-to dishes. To try out the new Circulon Ultimum Skillet Pan, sent to me for review, I thought it made perfect sense to try out a nice pan fried salmon recipe. I've teamed the salmon with a medley of quinoa, edamame beans, green lentils, chilli, spring onions and asparagus, which I also charred in the frying pan.