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hamburger gourmet: a recipe book review.

Hamburger Gourmet is a droolworthy recipe book which features a whole host of, you guessed it, burgers. There are 58 recipes to be exact, from David Japy, Elodie Rambaud, Victor Garnier, the brains behind Blend hamburger restaurant in Paris. I was bought this awesome book by my boyfriend, and so we decided to have a Sunday afternoon dedicated to trying a few of the recipes out. From classic cheeseburgers right through to beef with aubergine and goat's cheese and spicy chicken with beetroot, there is so much to get your tastebuds tingling. 

The book takes you through beef and chicken burger recipes and onto to seafood, vegetarian and vegan ideas. I love the look of the crumbed cod burger or tuna steak, as well as the quinoa patties and medley of tofu, courgette and homemade tomato sauce. Oh and there are dessert recipes at the back too, should you have room. 

To keep it pretty simple, we went for four of the beef patty recipes with various toppings. The base of the beef burger recipe comes in the form of good quality beef mince, seasoned and mixed with free range eggs. The recipes are then rated from 1-3 burgers, respective of difficulty. Since we were making four burgers, we gravitated to the easier ones - but I'm definitely going to work my way through the book.

The BEER burger was the only one with a slight twist. The patty itself is marinated in beef before being topped with a sticky beer relish and lettuce. For the beer we opted for Life & Death, which hails from Vocation Brewery in West Yorkshire. We also added melted smoked cheese, because why not?

The WINE patty (from one of the first shots) was also incredible. It featured a delicious red wine reduction which was sweetened by sugar and enriched with shallots and butter. It was perfect paired with peppery rocket and again, extra cheese.

MUSH was a filling made up of a creamy portobello mushroom, garlic and onion mix. I may have made too much mix here, which actually only took around ten minutes, but it was tasty all the same.

Lastly the MOZZA recipe, which blends fresh basil and mozzarella cheese. A classic combination, the burger is stacked with fresh pesto, melted buffalo mozzarella, basil and rocket. This recipe also called for semi dried tomatoes but I sometimes find them overpowering so switched those out (for more cheese).

Overall each recipe was delicious and totally different. Next time I'm going to ask the butcher to mince some fresh steak so that I can enjoy the burger fairly rare. I just have to pick what recipe to make next...

Have you ever made anything from the Hamburger Gourmet recipe book? What is your favourite burger recipe? Find the book for yourself over here...


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