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new special k granola from kellogg's + giveaway!

there's nothing better than the combination of something which is tasty and good for you. if they invented a recipe for a bakewell tart with your entire 5 a day and negative calories i'd be all over it. that's not to say that the right mix of wholegrains and fruit has to be boring though, right? cue this new granola from special k. 

underground cookery school, london.

last week i took a hop, skip and a jump onto the 16:56 leicester to london train, darted through the hustle and bustle of a busy rush hour and excitedly made my way to the underground cookery school. i was bound for a fun evening of cookery tips and tricks along with a group of other food and lifestyle bloggers. 

courgette spaghetti with homemade pesto.

when i finally got hold of a julienne peeler the other weekend, i couldn't wait to get started on making carb free spaghetti with vegetables. along with some homemade pesto, i tossed together some roasted red peppers and aubergines with some courgette pseudo-pasta to make a pretty healthy midweek meal. 

salted caramel buttercream by sugar and crumbs.

find the inner baker in you with fabulous flavoured icing sugar, cocoa powder, sugar paste and cake toppers from family sugar and crumbs. last week i was kindly sent a few of their new flavoured icing to try out; chocolate & lime, coffee and salted caramel. 

i immediately set about making some classic vanilla cupcakes, filled with chocolate sauce, topped with salted caramel buttercream and drizzled with more chocolate sauce. 

pizza express, highcross leicester.

pizza express dough balls - but not as you know them. established in the sixties, the popular italian inspired restaurant chain has definitely stepped it up a notch in their latest menu, new for spring 2014. 

with some fabulous new offerings as well as meat free monday and gluten free alternatives, it seems pizza express is really reacting well to a diverse range of dietary requirements, quite rightly so :) i went along to try the new menu at the pizza express in highcross, actually one of three in the city.

chilli crab & avocado toast.

a fresh and healthy midweek meal, a weekend lunch or perhaps canapes for guests, this recipe combines my love of chilli, lemon and white crab meat with creamy avocado and crunchy brown toast. what's more, this is now featured in saco kitchen's summer recipe inspiration.

national make a friend day: meet luchia cooks.

happy national make a friend day! today your task list is to smile at everyone you see, hold the door for others even if they don't say thank you and maybe even give someone your last rolo. since starting food blogging i've met some awesome fellow bloggers and foodies online... so in the spirit of make a friend day let me introduce you to bristol based luchia of luchia cooks. who, yes, did make those incredible looking avocado brownies pictured above.

elevenses at the priest house, castle donington.

with picturesque views of the river trent and east midlands countryside through lattice windows,  the history of the priest house in castle donington can be traced back around 1000 years. the site that was once valued at "ten shillings and a penny" is now a popular destination for weddings, dining, a luxury hotel break and of course... afternoon tea and elevenses. last weekend, mum and i went to sample the savoury delights and as much tea that could be had at by 11.30am.

chorizo baked eggs.

a spanish twist on your usual brunch, these chorizo baked eggs are a mix of the smokey paprika sausage, rich coriander infused tomato and runny egg. based on the bbc good food spicy tomato baked eggs recipe, i added the chorizo and used a mix of whole and blended tomatoes rather than chopped. hope you enjoy...

valentine's millionaire's shortbread.

a little valentine's treat for the one you love. perhaps make them for your partner in crime, to lure a potential date, for a girly singles night or... just scoff the lot come february 14th.  a twist on the usual millionaire's shortbread recipe, the layers are finished with pink coloured white chocolate and a drizzle of... more chocolate. 

browns, birmingham.

nearby the bustling atmosphere of st martin's square in birmingham, we arrived at the steps of browns bar & brasserie to the soft sound of live jazz music and glow of elegantly lit tables. we were shown up the grand staircase to the second floor of plush seating and a brilliant view of st. martin's church through the large windows. more than happily seated, we scanned the delicious menu and awaited a couple of glasses of wine and signature bread board.

gizzi erskine's korean lamb: a recipe in pictures.

a couple of sundays ago i got serious slow roast envy on my twitter newsfeed. pictures of beautifully slow cooked chicken and joints of meat falling apart dancing past my eyes was enough to promise myself that i'd definitely be making something the following sunday. 

this is a korean lamb shoulder recipe from gizzi erskine's book skinny weeks and weekend feasts. if you've not heard of it before, the idea is that you watch what you eat during the week (with very tasty looking healthy dishes) so you an indulge at the weekend. sounds like my kinda diet!