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national make a friend day: meet luchia cooks.

happy national make a friend day! today your task list is to smile at everyone you see, hold the door for others even if they don't say thank you and maybe even give someone your last rolo. since starting food blogging i've met some awesome fellow bloggers and foodies online... so in the spirit of make a friend day let me introduce you to bristol based luchia of luchia cooks. who, yes, did make those incredible looking avocado brownies pictured above.

tell me a little bit about you and your blog... 
hello! my name is luchia and i'm a terrible cook. i have more passion than a football fan at the world cup finals but unfortunately i wasn't born with the talent. i created luchia cooks as an online diary to record my food achievements and to help anyone who ever felt like they couldn't cook from scratch. 

i wanted my blog to be realistic and have recipes people wouldn't need to go to the ends of the world to get expensive ingredients. it's a place that has recipes for real citizens who haven't the time or money, so instead i try and present meals that are delicious, inexpensive and easy! 

what would you make for a dinner party? 

i'm not one for posh sit down meals so mine would be very relaxed with people crossing over each other to grab the best bits from sharing platters. 
canape: my bruschetta 
starter: 'make your own' sushi hand rolls 
mains: steak with a side of sweet potato fries 
dessert: big bowl of double cream, meringue and summer berries 

does your blog have any recipes for those with dietary requirements – if so what is your favourite vegan/dairy free/gluten free dish or bake? 

yes! i try to accommodate as many people as possible so i've several meat-free dishes. plus i've got an amazing dairy-free ice cream! 

favourite restaurant? 
bill's is one of my favourite places of all time, i have even written a review on my blog. the menu is so vast and its decor is amazing! i would recommend it to anyone. 

are there any restaurants you’d love to try but haven’t got round to yet? 
i would love to go to heston blumenthal's restaurant, dinner - but don't think that will be anytime soon though!  

what is your ultimate celebration cake? 
erm good question! i'm going to have to choose a mountain of profiteroles filled with creme patisserie. yummy! 

your favourite thing to bake and why? 

anything! honestly, i don't have any favourites. me baking anything successfully in my kitchen is my favourite thing. 

have you had any cooking disasters you’re willing to admit to? what went wrong? 
hah... only everyday! one of my worst has to be welsh cakes. i wanted to surprise my partner with a big fresh batch as he'd been away for the weekend and they're a favourite of his. to this day I don't understand what i did wrong but the mixture was so wet i had to add a ton more flour and then i unfortunately burnt it past any means of salvaging. to make matters worse he came back just as i was throwing them in the bin - perfect! 

what is your favourite local produce, delicacy or dish from your area? 

the windmill inn serve a delicious locally sourced pork and apple cider chutney dish. i have it every time i go! 

if you could travel to anywhere just for the food, where would it be? 

america! america! america! i (fingers crossed) will go someday! it's a place where you can find authentic food establishments for every cuisine. plus i'd be lying if i said i wouldn't be trying infamous foods like corndogs and dunkin' donuts. 

sneak peak at any upcoming recipes? 

oo cheeky! i have a few up my sleeve but all i'll say is i've recently bought a doughnut pan and visited a bristol food establishment ;) 

ta da! read my interview on luchia's blog here! now you should all go and follow her on twitter and look at her yummy pesto recipe she posted this week. in fact, go and follow a few new foodies on twitter, it's national friend day after all :)

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