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salted caramel buttercream by sugar and crumbs.

find the inner baker in you with fabulous flavoured icing sugar, cocoa powder, sugar paste and cake toppers from family sugar and crumbs. last week i was kindly sent a few of their new flavoured icing to try out; chocolate & lime, coffee and salted caramel. 

i immediately set about making some classic vanilla cupcakes, filled with chocolate sauce, topped with salted caramel buttercream and drizzled with more chocolate sauce. 

i began by making come classic vanilla cupcakes by creaming 120g butter and 120g caster sugar, combining with two eggs, 120g self raising flour and vanilla essence. i then baked for 18 minutes on 180 degrees. this makes 12 cupcakes.

once cool, i cored the cupcakes with a spoon and added a spoonful of chocolate sauce. this can be bought or a ganache can be made with 50% melted chocolate and 50% double cream. you can also buy cupcake corers though it's a gadget i am yet to add to the collection :)

don't forget to replace the little cupcake hat on top!

now onto the buttercream... depending on how much you want, follow the simple recipe to combine room temperature butter to the flavoured icing sugar. the instructions remind you do to this little by little as to avoid an icing sugar cloud!

before you know it, you've whipped up a lush buttercream mixture which smells far too irresistible to not sample a tiny bit. yummy. as you can see it turned into a lovely creamy white colour - though you can colour it from this stage too.

scoop into a piping bag with a medium star shaped tip. (can we also all just have a little clap about my progress in not biting my nails too? :) )

to create this almost mr whipped style icing shape, i worked from the outside inwards. i'd love to learn a few more techniques, especially iced roses - that would be lovely!

i hadn't intended to, but their resemblance to ice cream made me drizzle more chocolate sauce on top. i kinda wish i'd had some flakes and raspberry sauce too!

enjoy with a cup of tea and perhaps send a few to a friend :) 

what flavoured icing would you choose? do you have any ideas for the coffee or chocolate lime icing i have left?


  1. Love this! Honestly, are the sugar and crumbs icing worth buying or taste-wize is it better to make your own?

    1. Thanks :) I think worth buying as the flavours are so unusual. It would have been tricky to get regular buttercream to taste this much like salted caramel I think xx

  2. Great review your ice cream style cupcakes look like real good. I honestly wasn't impressed by sugar and crumbs chocolate cherry cocoa I tried in brownies it had a strange after taste but I'm not a lover of cherry that could explain it, although I much preferred the cherry icing sugar it was delish.

  3. I can 100% guarantee that these are the best cupcakes I have EVER tasted!
    I need to try and make them myself now haha.