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fall in love with mr kipling's bou-cakes this valentine's day + giveaway.

My true loves in life; Bakewell tarts and fresh bouquet of roses. Whoever knew that the two combined would bring so much joy? Forget anyone else, I think a certain British cake company might be this year's Valentine after this colourful (and tasty) delivery. To celebrate all things pink and mushy, Mr Kipling have teamed up with Forever Green Flowers to bring 100 limited edition Valentine's Bou-cakes to a few special someones this February 14th. Perhaps for an exceedingly good gift to your loved one ...or just to yourself. 

What's more, find out how you could win one for yourself below. A bouquet of Cherry Bakewells French Fancies, Battenbergs and pink roses delivered to your door. What's not to love?

salted caramel apple puff pastries.

Say it with salted caramel this Valentine's Day. Treat loved ones to this indulgent puff pastry dessert featuring caramelised Pink Lady® apples as the star of the show. Whether for a breakfast in bed with a hot cup of tea, a decadent dessert to finish a romantic dinner or a sumptuous sweet for a girls' night in, this recipe ticks all the boxes. Buttery puff pastry, sweet apples and dusting of icing sugar, finish with thick double cream to contrast against the deliciously crunchy textures. 

Plus, it's super quick to put together. What's not to fall in love with?

my little food blogging office.

One of the most exciting parts about buying my first home (except having a kitchen all to myself...) was the idea of creating a new blogging space. With the rest of the house fairly neutral, thanks to the good taste of the previous owners, I wanted to make the smallest bedroom into a bright and creative office space to spend my time blogging and working on freelance projects. It's just about come together now, so I thought it was time to show you my little office.