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gizzi erskine's korean lamb: a recipe in pictures.

a couple of sundays ago i got serious slow roast envy on my twitter newsfeed. pictures of beautifully slow cooked chicken and joints of meat falling apart dancing past my eyes was enough to promise myself that i'd definitely be making something the following sunday. 

this is a korean lamb shoulder recipe from gizzi erskine's book skinny weeks and weekend feasts. if you've not heard of it before, the idea is that you watch what you eat during the week (with very tasty looking healthy dishes) so you an indulge at the weekend. sounds like my kinda diet!

the whole process takes about six hours - two for your lamb to soak up the marinade and four for cooking. however as my lamb was only 432g not the 1.5kg in the recipe i only cooked for around 2 hours. 

the lamb marinade is made up of delicious concoction of garlic, spring onion, sesame oil, ginger, sweet white miso paste, mirin, soy sauce and gochuyang. i couldn't find any gochuyang and went with regular miso paste as it was the only one the supermarket had.

season with salt and pepper and marinade for 2 hours. the next part requires you to sear the lamb in the tin with vegetable oil - though as i had a ceramic dish i didn't think it would work and decided to seal in the frying pan. be careful here - the sticky sauce will spit at you. ouch.

cook for four hours if you have a 1.5kg lamb shoulder - or more or less depending on the weight. 

once rested, cut away the string and pull apart the lamb with two forks.

arrange lettuce, sliced cucumber, coriander and spring onion ready to fill your wraps and sesame seeds to sprinkle. we had some sushi rice left over from making homemade maki on the friday - i had my doubts about reheating the rice but as long is it is piping hot it will be safe to eat. 


i have to admit i'd found this recipe flicking through my friend's copy of the book and later found it online. was very impressed with the results will definitely be making a purchase asap! find the full recipe here ♥


  1. This looks gorgeous - well worth the hours of work that went into it! Now you must be the provider of twitter envy!