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happy chinese new year!

happy chinese new year - 2014 the year of the horse! here is a photograph back from when i visited kowloon bay, hong kong, back in christmas 2008. a fascinating place that i'd love to return to. first i need to get over my growing fear of flying and save up to visit somewhere i've always wanted to visit... japan! 

as i have a real love of chinese and east asian cuisine, i thought i'd put together some of my chinese inspired blog posts. now just to pick what to make tonight...

vegetable won tons packed with carrots, pak choi, red cabbage, spring onions, coriander and sesame seeds.  

sesame seared beef stir fry with the heavenly combination of sesame oil and soy sauce.

poppa wan's show-stopping twice cooked melting pork from gok wan's book... a recipe worth the time!

my visit to a school of wok cookery class - dim sum delicacies and tastes of china!

my take on steamed pork dumplings with a pork, spring onion and sesame filling and rice paper casing. not authentic but i enjoyed making them :)

will you be making anything special for chinese new year? what is your favourite chinese dish?

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