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homemade sushi: maki for cheats.

homemade sushi with a rather interesting new tool; a maki maker which helps you to load up your sushi filling as well as slice the rolls into perfect little discs. i got this for christmas from my mum - yet another brilliant foodie gift! 

i hadn't really studied the sushi kit before making the rolls - just went ahead and bought the toasted nori, sushi rice, seafood sticks, avocado and smoked salmon fillings. upon opening the box, i found not only a large roll and small maki size but a heart shaped one too!

my ingredients all nicely laid out (they didn't stay like that for long) with sesame seeds that had been lightly toasted with some oil for a few seconds in a pan. i also seasoned the sushi rice with rice wine vinegar, sugar and salt. the red wine is optional :)

so we began by laying a sheet of nori, which is toasted seaweed, into the mould and following with a layer of sushi rice. 

you then use a tool to forge a long groove in the rice. 

for the first sushi roll, we laid in sliced crab stick and avocado for a classic homemade california roll.

you then fold in the nori and use what i can only describe as a special arched "pusher downer" to create the roll like effect. the lines can then be used as a guide for slicing your sushi.

spot the difference... 8 in the maki maker, 7 here and 6 in the final picture. well we had to test a couple didn't we?

next we made avocado, sesame seed and mayo rolls and salmon and spring onion rolls. not forgetting an attempt at my favourite salmon and avocado handroll :)

the final spread with all important wasabi, soy sauce and extra sesame seeds... we didn't get round to trying out the heart shaped one bu that's definitely first on the list for next time.

i'm not entirely sure how my mum came across one of these sushi kits... but if you find one then definitely give it a go. there's nothing like cheating your way to professional sushi chef status...

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