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angelina, paris.

a must-go parisian patisserie for those in search of sugary, chocolately heaven is la maison angelina. with a few venues dotted around the french capital, i paid a visit to their rue de riviloi based shop and tea room on my recent trip to paris.

just a short walk from the louvre, you'll find angelina set back from the main road nearby the picturesque jardin des tuileries. a great place to devour your treats if you ask me - especially if it's sunny.

there was a short queue outside but most were waiting for seats in the tea room. i just wanted to persue around the quaint little shop and pick up something sweet. i'd heard heavenly things about their chocolat chaud. be warned this is a pretty picture heavy post as i just couldn't help snapping away at their amazing displays. you could say i was a little like a kid in a sweet shop...

in my best a level french, i asked for two of their famous hot chocolates, two chocolate eclairs and four macarons in pistachio, vanilla, coffee and chocolate. pistachio and coffee were winners for me!

€27 lighter (eek!) off we went to the park to enjoy a creamy, liquid chocolate drink and a delicious eclair. the macarons had to wait - it really was a sugar overload! i have to say it was more than worth it, definitely the best hot chocolate i've ever had and i sure was one happy emily.

226 rue de rivoli, 75001 paris
nearest metro: tuileries


  1. Amazing! Those pictures just reminded me how much I love Paris!

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