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caravan, king's cross, london.

if you're ever in need of an awesome brunch whilst waiting for a london train, head on over to caravan nearby king's cross for a menu packed of british breakfast delights. whilst down in the big smoke the other week, my friend grace took me here for a brilliant saturday brunch. be warned, it can get pretty busy so head over early. but it was worth the wait. 

caravan has an industrial, contemporary feel with high ceilings and a buzz of conversation and coffee in the air. 

over a creamy mocha (complete with quirky c for caravan teaspoon), we scanned the changeable menu of crab and wasabi omelette, smoked haddock and leek rarebit, jalapeno corn bread and coconut bread with rhubarb and lemon curd cream cheese. everything seemed very rustic but at the same time thoughtful and inspirational. with grace, known for her fab restaurant recommendations, choosing the classic caravan fry, i knew i had to copy her or risk jealously.

a combination of crispy bacon, gooey poached egg, charred tomato compote, grilled field mushrooms, balsamic soaked granary bread and buttery spinach on the side. pretty much heaven on a plate for £9.

the perfect send off for a hop, skip and a train back to leicester. thumbs up from me!

caravan kings cross
1 granary square, n1c 4aa.

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  1. I think everyone in the world has been here apart from me! I keep meaning too but I always end up cooking breakfast at home. It look so nice though!

    Caroline x
    Cocktails and Caroline

    1. Yeah you should pay a visit :) You could always order something a little different than your usual breakfast x

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