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filo bakewell tarts.

another experiment with my all time favourite dessert; filo bakewell tarts. as you can see i replaced the sweet shortcrust pastry with filo sheets to create a crunchy base to hold in the frangipane. let's ignore the amount of butter and sugar in the recipe and call these skinny bakewell tarts :)

shopping list.
makes six generous sized tarts.
♥ 125g butter, melted
♥ 125g caster sugar
♥ 125g ground almonds
♥ 1 egg, beaten
♥ 50g flaked almonds
♥ 1 tsp almond extract
♥ apricot jam
♥ 6 sheets of filo pastry
♥ 8cm/3" tart tins, preferably with removable bases

preheat your oven to 180 degrees.

begin by making the frangipane by mixing the sugar, butter, ground almonds, egg and almond extract.

set aside and make the filo cases. place the tart tins on a baking tray and spritz a little oil or low cal spray in the cases. lay out the filo sheets into squares with a little flour if you think it might stick whilst you are handling it.

make little squares by folding in the edges and folding them in again. just like that playground fortune teller game if you remember that :) then place in the tarts and fold the edges in to create a lip. it will probably flake a little but don't worry - it all adds to the effect!

when you're happy with your little tart bases, spoon in a layer of apricot jam into each.

next, spoon in the bakewell mix and top with flaked almonds.

bake for 20 minutes with foil on top (to prevent the filo browning too quickly) and a further 10 with the foil removed. the ones below are admittedly a tad too golden as i took a phone call and they suddenly turned. moral of the story... watch these little beauties as they bake.

allow to cool in their tins before removing and laying out on a pretty tray.

last step... devour!

what do you think? if you like this, you might also like my trials with a chocolate bakewell tart, treacle tart or lemon frangipane tart :)


  1. Look smashing, and good tip with the foil cover, I'm always over baking filo! I'm off to make one of those playground thingy snow...thanks!

    1. Thanks :) I challenge you to make one from filo! x

  2. I haven't thought of using filo in a bakewell tart before, but I can imagine it gives a gorgeous crunch!