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homemade tapas.

last week a made some little tapas style bites from a new book i bought with birthday vouchers. quite literally named the little tapas book, the recipes are divided into meat, fish and vegetarian with some dips and sauces thrown in along the way. i went for lamb and filo cigars, prawn fritters and a made up recipe of feta and black olive stuffed sweet peppers.

ready for action... first up we made the batter for the prawn fritters which needed to sit for 30 mins to thicken.

these were made up of chopped prawns, spring onions, coriander, parsley, flour and eggs. 

when we were ready to make these (with everything else in the oven) they were fried off in hot olive oil in a deep frying pan. 

next up, the lamb cigars which we made whilst the prawn fritter mix was thickening, and then baked whilst making the fritters. the timings worked out really well actually!

the recipe began with frying off the lamb with various warm spices such as ginger and cumin, then adding more of the fresh coriander.

we carefully cut the filo into squares, laid down some flour to prevent sticking and rolled them up using the spring roll technique i'd learnt at school of wok. the trick is not to overfill and to fold in the last edges so your roll doesn't end up with "ears" :)

glaze with some melted butter and sprinkle some sesame seeds.

the recipe said to bake for around 20 minutes though i have to say i ended up keeping them in for about 30 to turn nice and golden.

we baked the filled pepper with wholemeal breadcrumbs for around 15 minutes. the feta didn't quite melt as i'd hoped but it was tasty albeit quite salty against the sweet pepper.

after around 30 minutes prep and 30 minutes baking and frying... the feast was ready! i definitely think this would be worth making ahead for some rather fun results for a dinner party :)

my favourite was easily the prawn fritters, something i had the next day for tea with spinach and cous cous. i'll definitely be making them again perhaps dressed up as a burger. 

find the little tapas book for £7.50 at waterstones here.