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simple king prawn linguine.

just a simple king prawn linguine recipe with homemade pasta sauce - a flavoursome midweek meal i thought i'd share.

this was also the debut of another of my christmas foodie gifts - flavoured oils from my sister. i really am set up for the year! in this case i used garlic to make the sauce extra garlicky. i've since used the mushroom infused oil in a chorizo pasta dish and couldn't believe how much it smelt like mushrooms! 

in this case, i just whizzed up enough sauce for myself. however the below makes enough for 4 which you can always freeze and store :)

shopping list.
♥ 200g cherry tomatoes
♥ one white onion
♥ two garlic cloves
♥ a handful of parsley
♥ seafood, veg or meat of your choice as well as pasta of your choice

begin by whizzing up the cherry tomatoes in a blender.

cook the chopped garlic and onions on a low heat. after 5 minutes, add the blended tomatoes. tear up some parsley and add that in too. this particular sauce goes well with fish, but maybe exchange parsley for basil if you fancied it with chicken or perhaps sage with mushrooms.

continue to cook together in the pan for a further 5 minutes on a low heat. then tip back into the blender and whizz up again into sauce consistency.

simmer on a low heat for a further 10 minutes, seasoning with salt and pepper to taste. in the meantime boil you choice of pasta to the packet instructions. unless you've made your own of course :)

throw together and stir through the cooked prawns until piping hot.

plate up and scatter with your choice of seasoning and cheese. for me, granda padana, a twist of black pepper and some torn leftover parsley.


  1. Looks fab Emily. I love prawns with pasta. I received two lots of flavoured oils for Christmas so I'll need to start getting inventive too!

    1. Thanks :) Yeah you do - I was surprised how much it added! xx

  2. Ooh lovely I love king prawns