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happy new year!

happy new year! wow it's 2014 - how did that happen? to mark the start of a new year on the blog, i thought i'd do a month by month round up of my 2013 recipe posts. hope you enjoy :)


for christmas i was lucky enough to receive perhaps one of my favourite presents to date - a pasta machine! so january, and the rest of the year really, was full of many attempts at homemade pasta.

in true february 14th spirit, i made valentine's bakewells with my youngest sister lily. complete with a heart of glace cherries.

the comic relief office bake off... i made chocolate dipped viennese fingers!

the start of the year was a bit tricky for baking, cooking and blogging as i was living at my mum's whilst moving house. the commute was a lot longer to work and i was lucky enough to have three months of home cooked food. by spring, i was back in my own kitchen and loving cooking for myself again! it was also the first birthday whilst being with my boyfriend so i got to make him a proper bruce bogtrotter style chocolate birthday cake.

i also discovered sesame soy seared beef and made vegan pasta with my friend amelia.

with the weather warming up, i made some homemade dips for the first time :) i also enjoyed making a mushroom en croute recipe which i made again and again. great midweek meal!

both my faves are actually tea inspired recipes - surprise surprise! these were earl grey cupcakes with lemon buttercream, jasmine gin fizz and lemon and ginger mojito tea. bring back that sunshine please!

i seemed to embrace my love for asian cuisine this month. i even went and bought a bamboo steamer and some very pretty crockery to make some vietnamese summer rolls and some kind of fusion steamed pork and spring onion dumplings. i also fell in love with the gok cook's chinese book from which i made poppa wan's twice cooked pork :)

looking through these pictures is making me crave the sun! if only for better lighting when taking pictures of food ;) this month i made king prawn pasanda with low fat chobani, strawberry and white chocolate cupcakes for my housemate's birthday, veggie won tons and sesame turkey skewers with coriander chips asian slaw. i really did get a bit addicted to sesame seeds and spring onions didn't i?

in september i enjoyed being part of elizabeth's kitchen diary's #shoplocal with these lazy baked eggs with local free range eggs. i also was lucky enough to be sent a proper yo! sushi recipe to try in the form of glazed chicken teriyaki. one of my favourite dishes!

in october i had a go at halloween macarons with little pumpkin faces - it had to be done though they were quite rustic. i also bought a new press for my homemade ravioli adventures and tried out nutella on a bakewell to create a chocolate bakewell tart. as you can see the pictures have taken a turn for indoors and subsequently on my new polkadot tablecloth.

my birthday month - yippee! i seemed to do a lot of baking this month including my first proper go at some bread (lorraine pascale's chorizo and thyme fougasse) with a kenwood chef dough hook. i also made carrot cake with coconut buttercream, almond biscotti and some vegan cupcakes with some lovely cases i got for my birthday. i also saved up with a little of my birthday money to invest in a new camera - which i'm really pleased with so far.

december of course means lots of festive bakes and since these are recent posts you're probably sick of seeing them. but to round it off i really enjoyed the chocolate christmas wreath and cinnamon christmas tree brownie pops! :) especially since my mum and i made the wreath together and then took it to festive ccc to meet lots of other leicester bakers.

now just got to put up the new calender, open the first page of my diary and enjoy lots of recipes through the seasons! i'd love to hear what 2013 posts you enjoyed the most :) 

i can't believe my blog is three this month either - time has absolutely flown by and this year i've enjoyed blogging more than ever. here's to a brilliant 2014! xx

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