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chimasu: asian snacks by post + giveaway.

Love looking around Asian supermarkets? Obsess over unusual snacks? Have a sweet tooth for all things South-East Asian? Me too. Colourful packaging, cute logos and quirky flavours have me scanning the aisles of supermarkets for my new favourite thing. When Chimasu got in touch asking if I wanted to review the July box - I couldn't wait to try out some new treats. Even better, they'll be sending out a box to one of my readers too. So, what was in the box?

From the likes of China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and Singapore, the box contains around 12 different sweet and savoury snacks. I was particularly taken by the Pocky (mmmm almonds!) the Chocolate Collons (um, chocolate, obviously) and the Japanese Yan Yans. Some parcels contained the Hazelnut Yan Yan, so it shows there is variety from box to box.

Kopiko Coffee Sweets - Almond Pocky -Vanilla Yan Yan - Chocolate Collon

Barley Snack - Mushroom Noodles - Golden Sweet Corn - Caramel Corn - Onion Crackers

Tangerine Jelly - QQ Green Apple Gummies - Mango Pudding - Green Tea

I was actually surprised to really like the apple gummies too, which were so fruity! The Tangerine Jellies from South Korea were also really, really tangy and made up of sweet foam like a classic Haribo. The Japanese Chocolate Collon were like crispy rolls of wafer with a chocolate cream filling. Very moreish!

You can either have a one off box or sign up for 3, 6 or 12 months with free postage. Then, let Chimasu know your fave snacks and food preferences. It's simple to skip a month should you wish, or cancel completely. Starting at £16 a box, it's really a pretty good way to find something new for your inner snack monster.

Fancy winning a box for yourself? Simply answer the question and enter via Rafflecopter below. Giveaway ends August 20th 2017 - good luck!

What would be your favourite snack from this box or previous boxes over at Chimasu

In collaboration with Chimasu


  1. we love pocky!! i bought some for xmas last year for my boys x

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  3. I'd be interested in veggie savoury snacks

  4. The Crisps and nuts looks awesome!

  5. They all look so tasty, really want to try the Mushroom Noodles, yummy :)

  6. Pocky is my favourite!

  7. I love the Pocky snack. Thanks for this lovely giveaway.

  8. the caramel corn sounds nice (@PeanutHog)

  9. the caramel corn snack looks great

  10. The Pocky!
    Michelle Dagger

  11. Choc Collon, funny name, but I lived on those in China.

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