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super easy red velvet cake: #icakeyou

Betty Crocker are a household baking brand well known for their time saving cake mixes and super speedy frosting. For their latest #ICAKEYOU campaign, they're challenging people to make cakes for people you love, whether it be for a special occasion or just because. Because there's nothing that says I love you like a home baked slice of cake right? Read: five slices.

If you're a regular reader, you may know I'm a keen baker and have lately tried my hand at mastering macarons and baking gluten free treats. I'm a big advocate of baking for family and friends, so if you're a little tight for time or are a baking beginner, these mixes might be a good place to start.

This weekend was my boyfriend's birthday. As always I ask him to request a cake flavour, having made him chocolate cake, Adventure Time cake and a record player cake in the past. This year the answer was immediately "red velvet cake!" Which was pretty handy, since our very own Betty C has a line of red velvet cake mixes. I bought some fancy red sprinkles and a pretty Paperchase cake topper, and the baking begun... 38 minutes on the clock and counting, let's see how easy these mixes really are!

The cake mix itself was super simple to put together, as you just add water, vegetable oil and eggs. Within minutes I was pouring the mix into my two cake cases and popping in a preheated oven. Simple. The sponge itself had a great rise and the vegetable oil led it to be very moist, even a couple of days later (eating a slice with a cup of Earl Grey now...) It took the full 28 minutes to cook, in fact it was more like 30. When a skewer came out clean I was ready to allow to cool, worried if I baked it any longer it would make for a dry sponge.

The cream cheese style frosting was great as it was straight away the perfect piping consistency. The combination of successful sponge and a good thick frosting mean I was able to subtle decorate the cake, leaving the sides exposed with minimal buttercream. I was really pleased with the overall look of the cake.

The premade cake mix didn't fall down in flavour either. A decadent and delicious chocolate flavour with the classic red velvet twist. Beginner bakers and seasoned chefs would have been pretty happy with a slice of this, I reckon. 

Thanks Betty, I cake you very much.

Have you ever made a cake from one of the Betty Crocker mixes? Or perhaps have a favourite red velvet recipe of your own? For the red velvet cake recipe and others, check out the details here.

In collaboration with Betty Crocker.


  1. I have honestly never used Betty Crocker mixes before but I can see it would certainly come in handy. It looks really good!

    1. As a baker its a really good way to speed a long with time. Not the reddest of colours but so what? Really great short-cut. BTW I found it baked perfectly after exactly 20mins not 23-28.

  2. I'd be lieing if I said I hadn't used one before! My friends and family have on the odd occasion been demanding and requested a cake at the last minute and they are just so much quicker to throw together.

  3. The cake looks delicious and so very tasty. I love Betty Crocker range nad always keep a box in my pantry for the impulse bake.

  4. I love Betty Crocker cakes - they never fail. I haven't tried the Red velvet yet - really must soon!

  5. I’m sorry but I do not like cake mixes. I can see their use but it is so easy to make a cake from scratch. My tip is - if you anticipate making a cake - do as much prep as possible the day before. I.E. line the cake tin, measure out the ingredients and put eggs and butter to become room temperature. Then the actual task is not so daunting.

  6. I notice the icing is described as 'Cream cheese style icing' do you know what it is actually made from?

    Cake looks great, I'm not sure using the mix and pre-made icing would save my atrocious piping skills though!

  7. I've made a Classic Coffee Cake from Betty Crocker & I must say it tasted divine even though it didn't look quite like that on the actual box haha, but it was a good effort at least that was what my kids said :)

  8. Wow! Betty Crocker is a blast from the past! Although I've done loads of baking in my time, I have never baked a red velvet cake. Perhaps it's time I tried this one from Betty?!

  9. Lovely idea for an easy birthday cake I'll definitely be giving this a try

  10. ooh looks lovely! ive used betty crocker stuff lots but never tried this one! might try this this weekend :) x

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