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a guilt free chocolate bar? meet ohso probiotic dark chocolate!

oh so chocolately. oh so yummy. and oh so... good for you? surely not? i present to you a brand new (almost) guilt free chocolate bar that loves your tummy.
ohso probiotic chocolate bars are made from 53% dark belgian chocolate yet also contain the optimum daily amount of probiotic to help support your digestive health. only 72 calories too!
i've never really been a fan of the probiotic yoghurt/drinks as i never really saw the point of when i'd drink them. i have cereal for breakfast every day and if i want a snack i grab some fruit (of course the occasional cupcake too!) and i've always thought they seemed quite breakfasty.
i have to say though after a meal i do often get that urge to eat something sweet, even if it's just something small. trying these out for a week i really enjoyed having one of these yummy bitesize bars as a sort of pudding. i once heard somewhere it's actually quite good to just have a couple of squares of dark chocolate after a meal to say to your body "i'm full thank you!" i honestly don't know if i felt any different from the probiotic side of things but i'm sure if you tried them out for a while - who knows? most definitely a better alternative to those runny yoghurt drinks any day!
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  1. emily i think youve sold me! where can i get this from??

  2. Hey :) You can order it from here www.ohsolovesyourtummy.com

    Emily xx

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