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my first attempt at homemade pasta.

shopping list
♥ a pasta machine
♥ 300g "00" grade flour
♥ 3 eggs
♥ a pinch of salt

so for those of you who follow me on twitter or instagram, you'll know that pretty much all i've done over the christmas period is take pictures of my pasta adventures. this was a christmas present from my grandparents and a brilliant one at that.

they also bought me a right pasta recipe book which i have since tried along with my attempt at pasta bows, which i'll post soon. i've also learnt, though i'm sure this is probably something all over the internet already, that the ratio is pretty much one egg to 100g of flour. so here's how i did it... (ish)

firstly, i made a sort of well out of the flour ready to crack the eggs into. i haven't actually looked into why you can't use a mixing bowl to make pasta - does anyone know?

next, i carefully cracked the eggs into the flour to give a rather volcano-esque result. this is followed by a pinch of salt which i've read is really important for the taste. 

i then used a fork to tentatively break the eggs and begin to slowly stir in a little flour. WITHOUT breaking the floury walls. i love this bit as you start getting sort of stringy bits of gooey white flour and egg mix. you then slowly add in more and more of the flour as you dare - this should end up looking a little more like picture 5.

to get from 5 to 6 to 7, it depends on the consistency of your dough. if it seems really dry, add a little water, if it is too sticky, add some of the 00 flour. keep rolling it around until it starts to look more spherical. 

next is the kneading process. as best i could describe in picture 8, keep pushing the dough out and folding it back over itsel.. another technique is to fold it into itself or fold lengthways into itself. i just kept pushing and pulling it around for around 5-10 minutes until it felt really stretchy and the pasta dough kept trying to shrink back.

you then roll it as best you can that you could get into a pasta machine. at the widest setting, begin to roll through. though, even when it begins to get thinner, fold it over itself again. this will create the elasticity of pasta :) eventually you will be able to go smaller and smaller on the settings as it starts to look and feel like fresh pasta. i then put it though the linguine setting which was fiddly to say the least. but i was pretty happy with the results. leave to dry for an hour or so and serve with your favourite sauce. yum.


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