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the part time vegetarian by nicola graimes: a recipe book review.

The Part Time Vegetarian by Nicola Graimes (RRP £20.00) is, as the name suggests, a collection of vegetarian and almost vegetarian recipes. The author, who spent almost thirty years of her life as a vegetarian, admits how more recently she has found herself introducing a small amount of fish and meat into her diet. A lifestyle known as flexitarian, whereby although not completely meat-free is made up of informed choices around sustainability, health, welfare and seasonality. 

Reverting to non-vegetarianism may come as a shock, and possibly a disappointment to the passionate veggies of the world. Actually if you look at it the other way, the book provides brilliant inspiration for vegetarian recipes for someone like me who does eat seafood and meat on occasion. I've was veggie for almost ten years through my childhood and often dine out without even realising that I've picked the meat-free option. So as someone who eats veggie meals around five times a week, frankly this book is right up my street. 

From veggie potstickers to udon noodle broth and courgette, mint & feta fritters to pumpkin & cashew wellington, this book goes through the week to provide brunch inspiration, light meals, snacks and weekend challenges. The book itself is beautifully made and robust, with a lovely textured cover and brightly coloured recipes beneath. Mother's Day gift? Birthday coming up? This would be perfect.

Nicola is happy to talk about her many motivations for her flexitarian philosophy, and is not about to rule out becoming vegetarian or vegan in the future. I totally agree with her. I make Quorn chilli. And I love 100% pork sausages and creamy cheese mash. Let's face it, the population isn't about to suddenly turn veggie and I'd struggle to give up my seafood. But there's no double that eating a few meat-free meals a week is going to have so many benefits! And these delicious looking recipes are bound to make the most bloodthirsty of meateaters' mouth water!

Alongside every recipe is a serving suggestion which includes a seafood, fish or meat element. I don't know about you but this seafood lasagne sounds stunning. The veggie version looks equally as delicious; packed with courgette, spinach, broad beans and runner beans. Throughout the book there is also ideas for meal plans, store cupboard essentials and even dinner party menu ideas. The perfect part time veggie handbook.

So far I've made the halloumi hash; featuring griddled halloumi, potatoes, brussels sprouts, savoy cabbage, tomatoes, garlic and spices. So colourful and brimming with fresh veg! This was actually in the breakfasts and brunches section but we had it as a light tea. (That's dinner if you're in the South...)

As the recipe said, it took 10 minutes to prep and 10 minutes to make. How's that for a speedy supper? Outside of this timeframe, the recipe called for leftover potatoes and sprouts so I boiled these in advance. The "part time" options included switching the halloumi for leftover roast beef or grilled salmon. Actually, I'll happily keep the veggie option here!

A great book all round that I'd definitely recommend for those looking to reduce their meat intake, or perhaps have a veggie partner and want to make two versions of the same meal. As mentioned before this is a really well made book which has been flicked through on my coffee table many times already. I have my heart set on the cauli cheese rarebits, tomato, olive & mozzarella rice and asparagus and ginger potstickers - so watch out for those on my Instagram

Have you bought a brilliant new recipe book lately? What are your thoughts on flexitarian and vegetarian recipes?

Post in collaboration with Nourish Books. All words and opinions my own.


  1. I've wanted to try this book for AGES. I think I am probably the definition of a part-time veggie. I try and avoid fish for ethical reasons and don't really like many meats so tend to eat veggie quite a lot - yet I love cooking with chicken :)
    I will definitely give it a try after reading this - thank you!
    Whiskey Jars Blog xx

  2. This sounds fab and some many yummy meals to have a go at!

  3. Well I didn't know there was an actual word for it - apparently I'm now a flexitarian. This book sounds right up my street too. Love the idea that it is possible to be a part time veggie.

  4. I consider myself a part-time veggie these days (even though I don't define it that way), so this book sounds super interesting and though there are lots of fab ideas in it!

  5. I hadn't come across this book and I'm wondering why not! I am a flexitarian (though don't really call myself that... I'm not a fan of labels :P) so this book sounds like it was made for me.

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