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twisted burger co. at the harley, sheffield.

The Harley in Sheffield boasts an eclectic mix of gig and event listings, drink offerings, a tea emporium and even hotel rooms. Since 2011 though, they've added another string to their bow in the form of The Twisted Burger Company, an independent burger brand that can be found in a handful of Northern locations, as well as at foodie festivals. I went along to the Glossop Road venue, during a short stay in Sheffield.

So, the menu is pretty epic. All the burgers come as doubles, and are piled high with the likes of smoked sausage, Monterey Jack, jerk mutton, BBQ sauce and mac 'n' cheese. Yep, that's mac 'n' cheese on an already double patty... Vegans and vegetarians will be happy to know they also offer a triple cheese burger and an entirely vegan patty with BBQ jackfruit. We went for the Pig Daddy Kane (£7.95) and Jerk That Thing (£7.95) with a side of regular and pimped out fries.

My burger, the Pig Daddy Kane, was awesome to say the least. A double beef patty had been smothered in American cheese and Dead Twisted BBQ sauce before being topped with pulled pork and chorizo and apple jam. Wow. Served on a potato flour bun, this insane burger was stacked high with delicious fillings and a mouthwatering sauce. Those who are a fan of pink burgers should know that it didn't come very rare, but it was still really juicy and flavoursome. The chips were delicious too, although I hardly had room. The burgers are great value anyway, but if you wanted a single patty you're only looking at £5, whilst a single burger without chips is £4.50.

My dining companion went for Jerk That Thing with Pig Pimpin' Fries (£5.50). The burger itself was topped with jerk mutton, Harley hot sauce and pineapple and mango jam. On the other hand, the chips were packed with pulled pork, Manchego cheese sauce and lashings of Dead Twisted BBQ sauce. Other offerings in the way of fries and sides included jalapeno fries, mac 'n' cheese and confit chicken wings with blue cheese sauce.

This burger was just as enormous, and tasty too. It had a real kick from the jerk seasoning and hot sauce that chilli heads would love. For me, it would have been far too spicy. The chips were enjoyable too, with a generous portion and even more generous toppings.

For burger lovers, The Twisted Burger Company is a must. Burgers piled high, inviting side dishes, a great beer offering and friendly staff too. It's just as well I graduated from University of Sheffield in 2011, this place could have been dangerous.

Have you ever had a burger from The Twisted Burger Company or been to The Harley?  What is your favourite place for burgers in Sheffield?

The Harley
334 Glossop Road
S10 2HW

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