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a breakfast banquet with brioche pasquier: #shareamoment

Bringing people together with breakfast! Whether it be smashed avocado on toast, a piping hot bacon sandwich with lashings of tomato sauce or stack of sugary pancakes, everyone has their favourite breakfast dish. Out for brunch with friends or staying in for a lazy weekend breakfast, a good natter over a cuppa is the perfect way to #shareamoment. In their latest campaign, Brioche Pasquier are encouraging bloggers to embrace breakfast with both hands, sharing a moment with their delicious pastries and brioche. When I say both hands, I mean a cup of tea in your right hand and a jam filled croissant in the other.

The breakfast banquet showcased a mix of their buttery croissants, pain au chocolat, brioche loaf and pain au lait. My particular favourite was the croissant, which I enjoyed slightly warm with real unsalted butter and rich strawberry jam. Again I served up the pain au chocolat warm, so that they chocolate throughout melted just a little. Perfect accompanied by a slurp of English Breakfast Tea!


A close second was their slice brioche loaf, made in the traditional way with authentic French "levain." It was beautiful simply served with melted butter, although was just as tasty with jam. I saw some other bloggers create savoury brioche recipes too - which I imagine would work well in a similar way to burgers within brioche buns.

Have you tried any of the Brioche Pasquier range? What is your favourite way to share a moment at breakfast? Check out the #shareamoment hashtag for more morning inspiration and recipes!

In collaboration with Brioche Pasquier

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