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b-ready for anything with nutella.

Nutella fan? If you're here, I'm guessing so. That makes the both of us. So, you can join in my excitement for the lip-smacking launch of the Nutella B-ready bars. Delicious signature hazelnut and cocoa spread? Check. Crunchy wafer shell? Check. Perfect with your cuppa? Check. These new Nutella treats are just the ticket for an afternoon pick me up.

These tasty morsels really as a texture sensation too. As well as the smooth spread (love you, Nutella) they have puffed wheat crispies mixed through. Extra bite amongst the mouthwatering chocolate and hazelnut flavours! These kind of confectionary combos really are my favourite - can you tell?

Although they're a treat, they actually only stack up at 115 calories. So they probably come up better than your average chocolate - except did I mention these ones feature Nutella?

Nutella B-ready have been available in all major UK supermarkets since September 2017, priced 59p for a single bar, or £1.99 for a pack of six.

Have you tried them yet? Would you mix up your mid morning snack?

In collaboration with Nutella 

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