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thai prawn massaman salad.

A fragrant and colourful salad perfect for these brighter evenings. A lighter option to your usual noodle dish, this Thai inspired salad brings together vibrant, crunchy veg with juicy king prawns. Enjoy as a light main dish, as a side or even as part of a BBQ banquet.

Shopping list.
♥ 200g cooked king prawns
♥ 2 tbsp Thai massaman paste
♥ One large courgette
♥ One red pepper
♥ Two carrots
♥ One garlic clove, crushed
♥ Coriander
♥ Sesame seeds
♥ Extra chilli or soy, if you fancy

Step one. Toss your cooked king prawns in 1 tbsp paste to take on the flavour - this can be overnight if you wish,

Step two. Chop, slice, julienne, grate or spiralize your vegetables of choice. Toss together with crushed garlic, coriander and sesame seeds to taste

Step three. Create a dressing by adding a dash of boiling water to the remaining paste, which you can add to the salad or leave for your guests to do themselves.

Step four. Add in the prawns and garnish as you wish. As long as they are cooked, you can enjoy the prawns hot or cold. To heat them up, I pan fry for a couple of minutes until piping hot and then add to the dish.


Have you ever made a Thai salad? What are your favourites on a warm evening?