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pizzastorm, nottingham.

Your pizza, your way. That's the philosophy of recently opened PizzaStorm in Nottingham city centre. With the likes of mozzarella balls to meatballs and butternut squash to baby spinach, they're pretty proud of their create your own pizzas. Mix and match a drizzle of sauce with your favourite toppings, scattered on their in house sour dough bases. Or if you aren't in a decision making mood, they've put together some classic pizza options to get the pizza party started.

Vegan, vegetarian and meat options mean that they cater for a variety of dietary requirements too. The main thing is that you love pizza. Who doesn't, right? Their Vegetable Supreme is loaded with tomatoes, mushrooms, sweetcorn, peppers, courgetti and an option for vegan cheese, with dairy free flatbread on offer too. Whilst the Decadence is made up of white sauce, mozzarella, regatta, tomatoes, spinach, red onion, spicy beef and rocket. Delicious!

We went along to try their bottomless pizza offering Pizza Fest, which is on every Sunday for £9.50 a head. As a group of four with two vegans in tow, it was the perfect pizza test. But how did they fare?

So like I say, it's £9.50 each. For this you get to satisfy your never-ending pizza cravings, with freshly baked pizzas and selected sides from their menu that keep coming until you're all pizza-ed out. The pizzas can't be chosen as such, but if you have a particular dietary requirement they're more than happy to oblige, especially if it's for the vegan offerings. Which by the way was in the form of VBites Cheezly Pizza Style - as a non vegan who has tried a lot of cheese I wholly approved.

The £9.50 doesn't include drinks or all sides. But with milkshakes like that, who can complain? These Oreo, pretzel and salted caramels dreams were a dessert in themselves - and totally worth the indulgence. Our vegan friends were rightly disappointed that these didn't come as a vegan options, especially as the brand have done well on the pizza front. In rich and flavoursome milkshakes, flavours like coconut, hazelnut and almond milk go really well - so why not?

The starters and sides were delicious; though we were reluctant to fill up before the incoming pizza. They were definitely very generous with the portions and we loved how our server presented everything with a smile, even if it was a mere glass of tap water with ice.

And so onto the pizzas. (Because that's really why we're here, right?) We couldn't fault them really. There was a good mix of flavours, plenty of pizza to go around and they took dietary requests seriously with separate pizza stones and confirming the dairy free diners. Having been invited by the restaurant, I was sure to check out the neighbouring diners, who also all seemed to be enjoying their Sunday grub.

At £9.50 for adults and half price for kids, it was a really fun and family friendly location. Kids (and big kids) love customisation and ice cream machines so I can imagine the interactive elements being exciting too. In addition, the neon signs, vibrant plants and happy colour scheme made it an enjoyable place to be. 

Again, we didn't want to fill up too much on sides but really enjoyed the chips and mac 'n' cheese, even if the all you can eat got the better of us. They started at £2.45, with loaded wedges, bacon mac 'n' cheese and house salad on the menu. 

I think if they introduced vegan milkshakes and a dessert option it would make it a real dairy free destination too - especially when they are competing with the likes of Pudding Pantry and DoughNotts for plant based sweet treats.

In all, I thought it was great value for money, with a family of four looking at a bill sub-£30 for all you can eat pizza and an awesome afternoon out. Thinking back, I actually probably only ate 3/4 of a full pizza so would consider the £6.55 create your own 11" even better value for prime pizza eating. What you're getting for £9.50 though is variety and sides. So whichever way you choose to enjoy PizzaStorm, you really aren't breaking the bank.

Would you or have you tried PizzaStom? I love the idea of your own pizza, your way. It means if you order pineapple on yours, I don't have to share it.

37 Milton St, Nottingham, NG1 3EN 

Mon-Thurs: 11:30AM-10PM 
Fri: 11:30AM-11PM 
Sat: 11:30AM-11PM 
Sun: 12:00PM-9:30PM

I was invited for a complimentary meal at PizzaStom for an honest review. All opinions are my own and I wasn't expected to write a positive review or otherwise.


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