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easy chocolate brownie recipe.

People often ask my go-to brownie recipe. And I only realised recently that I haven't ever shared the basic one. An accidentally gluten free brownie recipe, I use ground almonds for an extra nutty and rich taste. I have loads of brownie recipes on my blog, but they always feature some kind of chocolate bar, topping or filling. Plus adding chocolate chunks from your favourite bar is always a winner. But I thought I'd share the base recipe, for you to customise as you please.

♥ 250g good quality dark chocolate 
♥ 200g unsalted butter, cubed
♥ 200g caster sugar
♥ 160g ground almonds
♥ 3 large free range eggs
♥ Around 100g of your chocolate bar or filling of choice, such as 80g Malteaster bunnies and 20g white chocolate, 100g Lotus biscuits, 100g of Snickers... you get the idea.

Equipment; a saucepan and square silicone tray or tin

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.

Step one. Melt the chocolate on a low heat in a medium saucepan. As it begins to melt, add in the butter and stir until both have totally melted. Remove from the heat.

Step two. Stir through the sugar, add the ground almonds and lastly the eggs.

Step three. Pour the mix into your tin or silicone and scatter through your chocolate bar as evenly as you can. 

Step four. Bake for 35-40 minutes.

The brownies will form a crust but may seem undercooked inside, which is fine. If the brownies start to burn on top, just cover in a little foil and continue to bake.

When done, allow to completely cool before slicing up. I often even leave them in the fridge so they make for really easy to cut squares. The mix should yield 14-16 squares.

I have also created peanut butter cookie brownies and cornflake tart brownies, for which I would add for the last part of the cooking time, such as 10-15 minutes before.



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