burleigh's gin bramble.

A gin bramble inspired recipe, in collaboration with the fantastic Leicestershire based Burleigh's distillery. Made with two parts of their export strength gin, one part raspberry liqueur and topped up with ginger ale, this is a refreshing mix of fiery ginger, sweet raspberry and botanical gin. Perfect for sipping on this Summer...

Shopping list.
(Makes one)
♥ 50ml gin
♥ 25ml raspberry liqueur
♥ Ginger ale
♥ Frozen berries
♥ Ice

Simply mix together together the gin and raspberry liqueur and top with ginger ale. Serve on ice and scatter with frozen berries.

Have you ever made a twist on a gin bramble recipe? Or have a favourite gin cocktail? Stay tuned for more recipes with Burleigh's this week...

Psstt.. I've teamed up with Burleigh's to give you 20% their online shop with the code EMILY20. 

In collaboration with Burleigh's


  1. Well, well, well, what a fabulous summery cocktail! I'm always on the hunt for a new cocktail recipe, so this is going on my list for my next soiree!!!! I did watermelon cocktails last time which went really well, but these look fab!

  2. Absolutely STUNNING photos Emily. As you know I'm a HUGE gin fan. Pour me a big one ;-)

  3. These pictures are just beautiful Emily. I bow to your eye and photography skills and I wouldn't mind a glass of this too ;)

  4. So I'm a HUGE Gin fab but haven't as yet tried Burleigh's. I wonder if there's room on my Gin Shelf to squeeze in a bottle?!

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