leicestershire country garden.

A ode to the English country garden in this third and final gin cocktail recipe with Burleigh's. Muddled with apple juice, tonic, fresh rosemary and a slice of apple, I present the Leicestershire Country Garden. This is because, in case you didn't already know, Burleigh's are a Leicestershire based distillery who create gin in the traditional way using a bespoke copper pot. This particular variety, the Distiller's Cut, is described as an exceptionally crisp and fresh gin with a sweet and citrus like palate and floral finish. This made it perfect for pairing with tart apple and aromatic rosemary in this gin lovers cocktail.

What's more, I've teamed up with Burleigh's to give you 20% their online shop with the code EMILY20. Just in time for World Gin Day! Enjoy...

Shopping list.
(Makes one)
♥ 50ml gin
♥ 50ml apple juice
♥ Tonic
♥ Ice
♥ Fresh rosemary
♥ A green apple, sliced

Simply muddle together the gin and apple juice, then top with tonic and ice. Garnish with rosemary and an apple slice. Enjoy immediately!

What are your favourite gin recipes? Have you ever tried gin with rosemary or other herbs?

In collaboration with Burleigh's


  1. This looks absolutely wonderful, another gin to add to my list to try!

  2. Over the past decade you'd have been forgiven for thinking that every new garden has to be pared down to a few elements of contemporary styling. You know what I'm talking about - the big sheets of glass window, designer rattan furniture and stainless steel water features.