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ola, sangria!

shopping list
♥ a bottle of red wine

♥ a bottle of non alcoholic ginger beer
♥ a cup of orange juice
♥ a cup of lemonade
♥ a large, juicy orange
♥ your best summer jug

well there isn't much to this recipe except open, pour and serve.

though after making this same sangria for the last year or so, here are a few top tips:

♥ don't worry about getting good red wine. if anything, somehow the cheaper the better.
♥ do not add too much ice to the main jug as it will water the sangria down, to get a really cool summer drink, keep the glasses in the fridge beforehand.
♥ add brandy for a real kick.
♥ warning, it tastes just like a soft drink and is therefore lethal.
♥ cocktail umbrellas and swirly straws are a must.


  1. This sounds yummy, will definitely be giving it a go - if the sun ever comes out that is ;)

  2. Thanks :) I know - here's to hoping!


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