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pesto and mozzarella chicken.

shopping list
a breast of chicken per person
♥ two teaspoons of red pesto
♥ a mozzarella ball
♥ fresh garlic
♥ a knob of butter
♥ vegetables to serve, or alternatively a ciabatta bun

begin by making the marinade. this is simply made up of a few spoonfuls of pesto per breast and finely chopped garlic.

butterfly your chicken breast/s. this makes it easier to pan fry and also, as in my picture, could make it into an attractive valentine's treat. prick the chicken so that it will take in the flavour as much as possible. place your chicken into the pesto mixture and make sure it is well coated. leave for up to half an hour in the fridge, the longer left the better.

next, pan fry the chicken on a low heat as not to let the pesto burn. whilst keeping a watchful eye on the chicken, slice the mozzarella into cm thick discs.

after around 10 minutes, when the chicken is golden and almost ready, place the mozzarella on top of the breasts and allow to melt.

when melted, plate up and enjoy. if it makes it that far.

again, apologies for the rubbish picture on my phone! x

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