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easy peasy red pepper and goats cheese tart.

shopping list
250g savoury ready to roll shortcrust pastry

a handful of cherry tomatoes
one red pepper
one small red onion
200g mini goats cheese
a clove of chopped garlic
a couple of squirts of tomato purée

preheat the oven to 200 degrees.

begin by rolling out the pastry, sprinkling a little flour over your worktop and prevent sticking. do not feel guilt in buying pastry from a shop. i mean, by all means make it from scratch. but even delia herself has proved making basic pastry is seen as no feat these days when you can get such good ready made products. and besides, this recipe is supposed to be easy peasy

lay the pastry into your chosen dish, press into the
(click on the picture for a closer look) and if
there are gaps
just use excess pastry to patch it up.
use a sharp knife
to trim the edges.

cut up your onion, tomato, de-seeded pepper and garlic and toss into a pan with a little oil or butter. keep a couple of slices of pepper for a topping. squirt in your purée to thicken it up and if the mixture begins to stick don't be afraid to add a little more. keep it on quite a low heat and simmer until the red pepper in particular has softened.

spoon the pepper and tomato filling into your pastry
and layer slices of goats cheese and the extra red pepper on top.

put in the oven to bake for around twenty five minutes or until the pastry is hardened and golden and the cheese looks melted and delicious.

this particular dish made two servings. one which i had fresh and warm, the other i had cold with salad.
the tart will also be perfectly fine to reheat or
keep in the fridge for a couple of days.

other ideas for fillings or toppings could include mushrooms, bacon, ham, spinach, other colours of pepper, different cheeses. the possibilities are endless.

but most importantly, easy peasy.


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