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how to tell your nigri from your nori: a masterclass in sushi speak

maki: this is a popular sushi roll that springs to mind when most people think of this japanese cuisine. ingredients such as salmon, tuna and avocado are laid with rice on a sheet of toasted seaweed, rolled with a bamboo mat and then cut into discs.

uramaki: a contemporary ‘inside out’ alternative to maki; it is rolled so that the rice is on the outside and is coated with sesame seeds and tobiko, a type of flying fish roe. the western take on this is a california roll, often with a seafood stick in the centre. 

yakisoba: pan fried noodles in a tangy yet spicy japanese sauce, usually tossed with fresh asian vegetables, chicken or seafood.

nigri: this type of sushi begins its life as a rectangular mound of rice carefully sculptured by a sushi chef. next, a slice of perhaps high grade raw salmon, or yellowfin tuna, is placed on top to serve. and don’t forget the wasabi, a hot paste made from a plant from the same family of horseradish and mustard, to compliment sushi with its spicy and peppery taste.

temaki: also known as handrolls, these little masterpieces are your own personal sushi bouquet with your favourite filling. popular combinations are salmon and avocado, soft shell crab with radish pickle or crispy duck drizzled in hoi sin sauce. the nori wrapped around is dried edible seaweed which has been toasted, seasoned with sesame oil and rolled out into sheets.

sashimi: despite most people thinking sushi is raw fish sashimi is actually the technical term for it. sashimi means ‘pierced body’ in japanese as is the art of creating delicate slices of high grade raw fish, sometimes with a sesame crust, which taste divine dipped in soy sauce.

miso: a traditional japanese soup made from soy beans, tofu, spring onions and various grains and spices. it's often said this soup is a great hangover cure – perfect if you’ve been on the sake the night before. :)

oshizushi: also known as boxed or pressed sushi, this is presented as a block of rice created by a wooden mould lined with tasty treats such as salmon, tuna and japanese omelette.

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