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tasty turkey and coriander burgers.

makes two large burgers or four medium.

shopping list

♥ 500g lean turkey mince
♥ a bunch of spring onions
♥ two handfuls of fresh coriander, stalks removed
♥ half a red pepper
♥ ciabatta bread
♥ your favourite salad
♥ mayonnaise, if preferred

this recipe couldn't be easier. or tastier. or healthier.
well, maybe without the mayo.

simply mix together the mince and chopped vegetables and form into patties, then grill or fry off for around 20 minutes, or until browned and cooked through. then take a few coriander leaves and stir through the mayonnaise.

serve with warm bread and salad and ta daaa!

whoever said turkey was just for christmas?! plus, if you like these then maybe you'll like my minty lamb burgers with tzatziki and cous cous.

psst... emily's fun food fact of the day:
100g turkey mince has 167 calories and 6.5g fat 
100g chicken mince has 188 calories and 8.9g fat 
100g beef mince has 219 calories and 15.3g fat 

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