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la torre, coalville, leicestershire.

an absolute little gem of north west leicestershire, i was lucky enough to be taken here for my birthday last week. in the nicest way possible, the town of coalville isn't the most obvious of places for an authentic italian bistro. but i can't recommend it enough and was so pleased to see that, judging by the bustling atmosphere for a thursday night, other people agree. 
as you can see, the presentation of the food speaks volumes too. i had a stunning fillet steak wrapped in parma ham, topped with dolcelatte cheese and served on a bed of rocket. known as the filleto dolce parma, this comes in at £18.90 and comes with fresh seasonal veg. don't be put off by prices though - there were lots of other dishes around the £10 mark. i was just making the most of my birthday! :)

now, anything with steak, parma ham and rocket and i'm sold. i'm not really a fan of strong cheese but i trusted that the chef knew better than me and didn't ask for it to be altered. i'm SO glad i just went with it - it was divine! i asked for it rare and as you can see from my (sorry a tad messy) picture, the meat was perfectly cooked. 

for dessert, i had a special which was a chocolate terrine. it came quite cold and melted in the mouth. i was slightly disappointed as i don't really like cold chocolate (people that put chocolate in the fridge truly baffle me) and expected more of a mousse in a pot. but hey, it's chocolate right?

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