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mozzarella and refried bean tortillas.

shopping list
♥ four tortillas
♥ 435g can of refried beans
♥ one mozzarella ball, sliced 

makes four large tortillas or six lighter ones.

this is a really simple, mexican inspired vegetarian dish which takes minutes to make! you can might them spicier with hot refried beans, but if you regularly read my blog you'll know i'm a total wimp when it comes to heat.

mash up the refried beans and cook for a minute or so in the microwave or in a pan. 

next, arrange a couple of tablespoons of the beans with a slice of mozzarella and wrap up into a trusty triangle.

i used my housemate's lean mean grill machine which was nice as it had the grill lines on it. i suppose you could also use a frying pan or toastie maker!
and that's it really - yummy, veggie friendly wraps full of mexican beans and gooey cheese. delish!

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