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homemade ravioli filled with sun dried tomatoes and boursin.

as you may have noticed - i'm really getting into pasta making lately. my pasta machine really has been one of the best christmas gifts i've ever received! i've been getting my friends into it making it with me too - which is really fun even if it does test their patience a little :)

so my boyfriend and i decided to have a go at making homemade ravioli - i have to give credit to him that he thought of the sun dried tomato and boursin cheese filling which worked really well.

begin by making the homemade pasta dough as in this post - we used 200g pasta flour and 2 eggs which i find makes 2 portions. then fill with your favourite ingredients like so...

in this case i also rolled up the scrap pasta and put though the machine again to make more little rectangles - waste not want not! :)

we then let dry out for about twenty minutes in the fridge, as we weren't actually hungry right away. it's so true what they say about food prep being part of the whole experience and making you less hungry.

we then boiled for 3 minues and tossed the ravioli in some basil pesto - which was shop bought from the fresh pasta aisle in asda. after you've acually made the ravioli the rest is so simple as homemade pasta cooks in an instant.

do you ever make your own homemade pasta? do let me know if you have any other filling ideas! and if you like seafood, you might like this crab ravioli recipe.

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  1. these ravioli sound amazing!!!!the fill ing are two of my favourite ingredients yet I have never put them together- sounds like heaven