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seared sesame spiced beef stir fry with amoy special selection soy sauce.

i was recently invited to an amoy event to launch their new special selection soy sauce. sadly, due to it being a daytime shindig and living up in the midlands, i couldn't make it down to london to try out their chinese feast. gutted. luckily, they sent me a sample of the delectable stuff... and i immediately got to work researching a new stir fry recipe. 

i came across this seared sesame spiced beef with sweet pepper, courgette and noodles recipe on bbc good food and instantly decided to do my own take on this. for me, sesame + soy sauce + beef is a winning combination - i'm totally in love the yo sushi sesame salmon.

so for my version, you will need exactly the same as in the bbc good food recipe, but instead of chilli flakes i used very lazy red chillis, instead of courgette i opted for mange tout and i used a sirloin steak purely because i preferred the look of the cut in the supermarket. i also didn't garnish with a lime but definitely, definitely stick to adding coriander - i can't get enough of it. 

also i should probably say in this i made just a portion for one (woe is me) though i'm sure you could double up/buy two steaks... you get the picture :)

so begin by marinating the sliced beef... a pestle and mortar isn't advised but it was the best bowl i had at the time!

i then let this marinate in the fridge for 10-15 minutes whilst i prepared the veg and boiled the noodles. i love my beed really rare so i actually saved frying that off until the end, unlike the original recipe. i let my pan heat up for this whole time aswelll so i could sear it super quickly.

when i was happy with the noodles and veg and got to work on searing the beef. the pan was scorching so the beef went absolutely crazy and smoked out the kitchen a bit. the sesame oil and soy mixed smelt amazing though!

i was really pleased with the results and am already itching to make it again! :) i'm also looking forward to trying the soy sauce out on it's own maybe dipped in some tasty sashimi. i love the look of the asian prawn noodle broth on the amoy website too.

for more info about amoy special selection soy sauce and recipe ideas head over to their website. do let me know if you try this out or any other of their recipes!


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